4 Essential Features Of A Pre-Designed Home

A pre-designed home is an excellent choice if you want to live in a custom-made home without the tedious work and the long wait. It’s cost-effective and can save you a lot of time.

Pre-designed homes are mostly constructed in factories, then transported to the homeowner, where an expert builder assembles them. These homes are frequently called factory-built or prefabricated homes.

Unlike traditionally built homes that are prone to delay due to varying weather conditions or seasons, for pre-designed homes these aren’t a factor at all, because these houses are being built indoors, which means that the scheduled completion is always met.

If you plan to consider buying a pre-designed home, here are some of the essential features that you need to know:

  1. Origin

Pre-designed homes are basically considered more eco-friendly than traditionally built homes. It’s a type of house that’s manufactured by sections in a factory. The construction is completed in a controlled environment, once finished it’s shipped off to the designated home lot area, and then assembled to connect the different sections.

Prefab homes normally come with all the basic systems installed, such as electrical and plumbing.

You can research online for more information regarding pre-designed homes in your area like the new builds in London, to help you decide on what to choose, and allow you to make add-ons such as the following:

  • Dual Closets

Pre-designed homes come with enough space to fit your clothes and any other kinds of stuff. These closets provide you and your family with ample space to organize their things. Dual closets tend to offer more storage room for all your personal items.

  • Shelving

Shelves serve a lot of purposes in a home, they can be used to store room essentials, files, books, or even your child’s toys. It can also be used as multimedia shelving to keep everything organized.

The additional advantage that these shelves have is that they can be used as additional storage for all your items to prevent clutter.

  • Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting are very convenient and useful lighting applications, especially for your kitchen cabinets. These aesthetically appealing and functional lighting sets the mood and makes the area feel more contemporary and on-trend.

Pre-designed homes can also have these cabinet lights wired to the main switch, allowing you to turn them on and off.

  1. Weather Resistance

Pre-installed homes are normally built with the best technologies and materials to ensure that they are firm and sturdy to withstand different weather conditions. Some of these technologies that can be installed in these pre-designed homes include:

  • Heated Floors

Pre-designed homes can showcase radiant heated floors, the warm heat is supplied by hot-water tubes or electric wires buried underneath the floor and can be turned on or off. Radiant heated floors are luxurious additions, especially when installed in bathrooms and cooler areas within your house since they tend to warm up your flooring. It's also a great way to generate heat within the house, increasing comfort as it reduces energy costs.

  • Heated Driveway

A heated driveway ensures that during snowy conditions, your driveway would be free from snow. A heated driveway melts the ice upon contact. This feature reduces the work of shovelling off the ice that might accumulate during the winter season.

  1. Custom House Design

Pre-designed homes allow you to get the home design of your dreams. Each section is planned individually and is based on the customized design that the family wishes.  Ideally, a flat surface is recommended for pre-designed homes. You also have an option to design your home with custom add-ons such as:

  • Central Vacuum System

Your pre-designed home can have a central vacuum system installed within the walls, the pressure is created by a centrally located motor to remove dirt, dust, and debris and can be filtered or unfiltered in a collection canister.

The advantage of these central vacuum systems is that they minimize the circulation of dust particles into the air, and can be a wise selection for someone with allergies.

  • Smart Devices

Pre-designed homes can have smart devices installed, such as heating and cooling systems and self-programmable thermostats, which encourages a reduction in energy use.

For improved security, it’s preferable that you have smart doorbells, door locks, and smoke detectors installed.

  • Laundry Room

Having a laundry room is such an excellent feature for any home. Having to move up and down makes the task of doing laundry quite tiresome. Having a laundry room in your home makes this task easier.

  1. Eco-friendly And Cost Effective

Pre-designed home builders develop higher efficiency in their planning so that they can gauge accurately the number of materials that they’ll need for a certain project, resulting in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way of building. Seeing that the materials are kept in the factory indicates that scrap or the remainder of the materials are more likely reused.

The Take Away

You have to consider many factors when deciding to purchase a new home.  Pre-designed homes are an added option in the market and are considered an excellent investment when it comes to getting a house. In actuality, all the benefits you’re getting from a traditionally built house minus the long construction time, can also be gained in prefab homes, plus more other features that are discussed in this article. Read on to know more.

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