You Don't Have To Keep Fishes: Non-fish Pets For Your Aquarium!

You have had your share of the colorful-lively Clownfishes and the intelligent-tricky Oscars. Now, you want to be adventurous. You crave newness, don't you?

What other animals (outside fish) can you keep in your aquarium? Would you love such an animal to be easy to maintain, lively, and peaceful? Yes?

We've got you! Check our top exciting and daring non-fish aquarium pets!

5 Daring Non-fish Pets For Your Aquarium

Why daring? If you would break the norms and attract the interest of your visitors, only daring would do.

So, dare to be different and give your home an aesthetic boost with these pets:


Axolotl sounds like Aztecs: the old, extinct civilization in Age of Empires. Coincidentally, these aquatic salamanders are also South-American - Mexico. And are also at the brink of extinction.

Extinction and origin asides; axolotls are unique creatures. They have an unusual look, like that of fluffy reptiles on kids' shows. You know, compound eyes, no teeth, wear-on fluffies.

Outstandingly, axolotls have regenerative abilities. Several observations show that they heal and regrow damaged body parts such as limbs and even their brains.

Such rare beauty and capabilities! However, you will need a 20-gallon aquarium for these Mexican salamanders. They love to move around a lot.

Ghost Shrimps

Don't be scared! No dead man will haunt you like Armando Salazar did Jack the Sparrow.

Ghost shrimps are only ghost-like because of their appearance. They have an almost see-through body, which makes them a marvel to behold.

Ordinarily, ghost shrimps are food for fishes and other freshwater secondary feeders. However, due to their low-maintenance requirements and high prolific nature, many homeowners started keeping them as pets.


Octopuses are generally wise. Too wise for their good at times. And that's why they make for an exciting pet.

You could even throw in a tied knot and watch how your octopus pet unties it. However, note that there are conditions to keeping an octopus in your aquarium:

  • Do not keep an octopus in the same aquarium as other fishes or octopuses,
  • Maintain one octopus per tank, and
  • Only keep an octopus if you're an experienced aquarium owner.

Red-clawed Crab

Red-clawed crabs are bold-personality, attractive, aquarium pets. Perhaps you remember Tamatoa, the aggressive and possessive crab from Moana.

A red-clawed crab behaves just like that!

For that reason, you might want to limit the handling. Also, keep a tight lid on; red-clawed crabs are not only like Tamatoa but also behave like Michael Scofield. They are seasoned escape artists!

Nevertheless, these attractive crustaceans are a delight to watch. They can survive both freshwater and saltwater. However, for optimum survival, put red-clawed crabs in saltwater.

Sea Monkey

Say you were expecting to have a swimming monkey, sorry to dash your hopes. Sea Monkey is a marketing term for brine shrimps.

Tricky, eh?

Brine shrimps do look hairy like monkeys - like the plume feathers of a chicken. Unlike monkeys, these shrimps lay eggs.

When dried, brine shrimps' eggs can stay viable for years. The best part of keeping these creatures is that they are low-maintenance pets and only require small-capacity tanks.

So, which are you choosing? The escape artist (red-clawed crab), or the regenerative axolotl?

Whatever your choice, find tips to care for your aquarium pets at

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