What Causes A Garage Door Opener To Stop Working?

When your garage door malfunctions, you will need to troubleshoot the issue to identify the cause of the problem. Sometimes it is simply the garage door opener because they can malfunction for a variety of reasons. If you can’t figure out what the issue is with the garage door opener, you may need garage door repair in Chesapeake. These are some of the potential reasons why your garage door opener isn’t working anymore.

Batteries Stopped Working

After about two years, the batteries in the garage door opener may need to be replaced. If you are pressing the buttons and the door is not opening, try to replace the batteries to see if this is the issue.

Remote Signal Is Too Weak

The weakened signal may be what is preventing the remote from working properly. You may be standing too far away from the garage door for it to open, so try to move closer. You can also reference your user manual to identify what the normal range of distance is. If you are within range and it still isn’t working, it is possible that the garage door opener’s antenna is damaged. If the antenna is in good condition and is free of debris and damage, the problem could be interference.

Photo Eyes Aren’t Working

Garage doors have two photo eyes that are used as safety beams. The photo-eyes receive laser signals that tell it when an obstacle is blocking the safety beam, preventing it from closing. If the photo eyes are blocked or damaged, it is possible that the door won’t work because they are receiving a disrupted safety beam signal. You can inspect the eyes to check if they are aligned and not obscured.

Remote Isn’t Properly Programmed

If the remote isn’t properly programmed, it cannot function properly because it is not transmitting the correct signal to the receiver. Your garage door opener is a small computer that sometimes just requires a quick reset. Your garage door system can be reset by unplugging the motor unit for a minute before plugging it back in. If the remote doesn’t work after this, then it may require maintenance.

Remote’s Lock Button Is On

The remote’s lock button might accidentally be on, preventing any of your interactions from being registered by the remote. Try to disable the lock button to see if the garage door still won’t close or open.

There is RF Interference

If you’ve checked the remote for damage and can’t identify any other issue, it may be RF interference. This occurs when the garage door opener motor doesn’t receive the remote’s signal. Most likely, the home alarm system, motion detector, or video game system is causing this. You will need a professional garage door service technician to help with this problem.

Replace the Entire Opener

Sometimes the garage door opener is defective and needs to be replaced. This could be because some internal parts are broken, and the entire unit needs to be replaced.

What Do I do If the Garage Door Opener Still Won’t Work?

When your garage door opener still isn’t working and you have more complex technical issues that are beyond your capability, you can reach out to a professional garage door service repair team. They can identify what the major issue is and figure out what is preventing your garage door from properly functioning. If the entire system is outdated, including the motor and sensors, then you may need to replace it altogether.

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