Top 5 Ways to Create a Boho Chic Apartment

Boho chic is a timeless style since it constantly reappears in order to remind us of its classic beauty and elegance. However, many confuse Boho chic with a scruffy hippie aesthetic, which is far from the truth: yes, Boho does rely heavily on the hippie visual solutions, but it can be elegant and stylish as well. Therefore, if you’re thinking about refurbishing your apartment, here are five ways that can help you infuse some boho-chic elements. 

1. Don’t be afraid of mixing different patterns

Mixing different and often contrasting patterns can seem messy at first, but if done right, it can also add a whole different vibe to your place. However, not everyone is ready to experiment with this, so if you’re looking to add some colourful contrasts, it’s better to create a unique and simple base, such as sofa, walls colours and other furniture and then add printed throw pillows, blankets and rugs.

2. Create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere

If you prefer minimalist interior design solutions, then Boho Chic isn’t something up your alley, but you are still allowed to give it a shot. The first step is creating a laid-back and soothing atmosphere so both you and your guests will feel relaxed. Also, using natural materials such as wood, hemp and bamboo will give your apartment a rustic and eclectic feel similar to one from the 1960s and 70s. Woven wall decor such as tapestry, a tribal rug and potted plants will change your home for better and bring you closer to nature.

3. Experiment with different and unique cultures

Making your place stand out isn’t an easy task, however, it’s entirely possible to do it if you have the right mindset. Not being afraid to experiment with unique pieces from various cultures can be an amazing way to decorate your space, so opting for Balinese-inspired SkullBliss wall decor will open your apartment and make it more culturally enriching. Enjoying all the decor pieces from different places is a sure way to create an ultimate and elegant Boho-chic apartment. 

4. Go vintage or go home

Now, this might sound harsh, but the fact still stands: vintage pieces can definitely transform your place for the better. There are numerous places that sell vintage-inspired pieces, but it’s always better to get a real deal so if you feel like getting some extra decor, feel free to browse specialised vintage stores and flea markets, as chances are, you will find something special and outstanding that will bring unique and interesting vintage glamour to your home. 

5. Accentuate the cultural and creative elements

Boho chic and vintage styles are all about celebrating the achievements of the past, so be sure to accentuate all the creative and cultural elements that you enjoy. That can be done by hanging framed classic movie posters from the golden era of Hollywood or adding above-mentioned vintage decor to serve this particular purpose. Things like an old-time gramophone player or luxurious landline phone will create a certain charm that will be irresistible to those who come to visit your apartment for the first time. 


Redesigning your apartment requires a bit of effort and planning, so it’s essential to make sure that everything fits. However, there is no rule book that you should follow, so feel free to add all your personal favourites such as framed album covers and beloved paintings. That will add a sense of familiarity into your newly-looking apartment, for sure. Finally, be sure to highlight your appreciation of different cultures and creative arts, so your boho-chic space will truly reflect the boldness and genuine spirit of the era that is long gone, but never forgotten. 

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