How To Know If Your Home Needs A Bedbug Examination Service

Taking certain preventive measures can limit your chances of bringing bed bugs into your homes. But, if you suspect that they’ve found their ways in, and you want to confirm, here are some signs to look out for before hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator Winnipeg.

Insect Bites

It’s usually very hard to differentiate between bedbug bites and insect bites because they look alike. However, these pets mostly feed at night, so waking up with new insect bites might be the first indication that there are awful bed bugs living in your home. When they feed, they often bite multiple times in a straight line of zig-zag pattern. Rather than crawling through people’s hair or underclothes, they prefer to bite people’s exposed skin. 

Weird Odor 

Bed Bugs are known to release a pheromone that human noses can detect and their discarded shells also produce odor as they multiply. This odor may go unnoticed at first but will cause an identifiable smell as the bedbugs continue to multiply. Bedbug odors have been described as similar to that of a dirty locker room smell of coriander. If you perceive this kind of odor in your home, you can hire the services of a Bed Bug Exterminator Winnipeg. 

Blood Stains

Bed Bugs mainly live on a diet of blood. They sometimes leave a trail of clues on sleeping hosts when they bite them. If you wake up and see traces of blood on your dark or fair skin, you shouldn’t just dismiss it. This might be the evidence that bedbugs are truly living in your house.

Empty Shells

Bed bugs grow with each blood meal they take on their way to maturity. It is also necessary for them to shed their exoskeleton or shells in order to grow larger. This process is known as molting. All Bed Bugs molt five times as they progress in their lifecycle. Bed Bug shells are not hard to identify because they look like the Bed Bug itself. 

Liquid Wastes

Liquid wastes are usually found where bed bugs live. Since Bed Bugs feed on blood to survive, most people expect their feces to be tinged with the color of blood but that’s not the case. Their feces tend to resemble smear or stains which are either dark brown or even black. This signifies that the blood they feasted on has been properly digested and excreted.

Discomforting Nights

When Bedbugs decide to make your bed their dwelling place, you have the tendency of having discomforting nights since they are most active when you’re in bed at night. If you find yourself developing itchy welts during sleep, then it’s possible that bed bugs are the cause. This can leave reddish spots on your skin that will alter its look. So as soon as you notice this, you should find a solution to it on time before it causes further damages.

Infected Closets

Another sign that indicates that a home has bed bugs is an infested closet. Bed Bugs cling to clothes because they allow them to move from one spot to another. If you suspect that your home is under the attack of bed bugs, then you should take note of the clothes you wear. Before putting them on, you should endeavor to sterilize them. One of the ways in which you can do so is by ironing them.

Dark Wall Spots

When you suspect that there are bed bugs in your home and there are no fecal stains on your bed, then you should try to examine your walls. It’s possible for them to leave fecal stains on walls, or under wallpapers. If you really want to confirm their presence, then you should look out for the dark spots their feces live on walls, while cleaning your home.

White Spots In Furniture Joints

Another way to discover if bed bugs are truly living in your home is by examining your home furniture. If you spot small bugs or tiny eggs within their joints, then it’s possible that bed bugs are already sharing your lovely home with you. To easily see them, it's advisable for you to use a torch when carrying out your inspection.

Lastly, bed bugs can also be transferred from persons to persons. If you visit neighbors with bedbugs in their homes, it's possible for you to carry them to your home as well. However, having a bedbug-infested home is not that big of a deal. Booking for Bed bug extermination services is all you need to get rid of them.

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