Top 5 Natural Threats to Your Home

Your home is your castle and you look for ways to protect it. However, there are several natural threats that can damage or destroy your home. Preventing each of these problems may not be possible but you can prepare.

The Sun's Unforgiving Heat

Most people are aware of the potential damage the sun exposure can have on your skin but many people may not consider the damage that may occur to your home from bright sunlight. The paint you select for your exterior is an important element of protection for your home so you need a good paint and primer. You also need a high quality paint job for the best protection; you can paint your own house or you can hire an expert to make sure the job gets done right.

Destructive Nature of Storms

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During severe storms like tornadoes or hurricanes, the winds that can impact your home can be 100 mph or higher. Even winds of 25 mph can cause damage to your property. Because the location of your house influences whether you are at risk for damage from these types of storms, there is little you can do to completely avoid these weather disasters. However, if high winds threaten your area, you can protect windows with window shutters or protective panels. You should also secure outdoor furniture, grills, and garbage cans inside your garage or home before the storms hit -- if you have enough warning.

Floods Drenching Your Home 

Before bad weather hits, you need to know if your home is at risk for flooding damage. Low-lying areas and coastal communities are at higher risk but -- in the right circumstances -- even lower-risk areas can undergo flooding as well. You should make sure you seal your basement to prevent seepage and that your sump pump is working. Try to bring your electrical elements to above 100-year flood code. Supplies like sandbags, plywood, plastic, lumber, and shovels can come in handy in case of a flood. If you have warning, move your important items to an upper level of your home.

Insects Invade and Overtake Your Home 

Insects can cause an amazing amount of damage to your home -- without you seeing any changes until it's too late. Carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and termites can weaken the wood frame of your home leading to thousands of dollars of repairs. To try to prevent these infestations, you can do inspections yourself or hire someone else to investigate. For example, you could schedule an inspection if you see a termite at

WildFires are Unpredictable and Unforgiving 

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Certain parts of the country are at higher risk of wildfires. If you do live in one of these area, you need to create a defensible space around your home; this is an area that is cleared or treated to lower the spread of a wildfire to your home. You also have to manage the flammability of the structure itself. This typically occurs during the building and design phase but you can do things later to improve your house's chances during a fire. One option would be to use a fire-retardant material on your roof.

Your home is often under attack from natural threats at any time. Being aware of these and what you can do will allow you to best  protect your house. 

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