Top 5 Cities to Rent a Property in Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State, is not just a paradise for tourists but also a great place to find renters. After all, it’s no secret that Florida is one of the most popular locations for those who want a vacation on the beach or spend their golden years

With its year-round warm weather, diverse culture, and robust economy, Florida presents a unique opportunity for property investors.

In this article, we'll explore the top five cities in Florida that offer the best rental opportunities, whether you're looking for an apartment or a house to call home.

So find out why you should write up your Florida lease agreement and make a move that will benefit you and your family.

Why Rent in Florida

Renting in Florida has quite a few perks. The state's favorable tax laws, including no state income tax, make it an attractive destination for residents and investors. Additionally, Florida's growing job market in sectors such as tourism, healthcare, and technology attracts a steady flow of new residents looking for rental properties.

The state's varied landscapes and lifestyles, from bustling city life to serene beachfronts, cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every renter finds their ideal home.

Tips for Adding Value to Your Property

Before we talk about the best cities to rent a property in Florida, let's look at some tips to add value to your rental property:

Comply with Local Housing, Building, and Health Codes

Ensuring your property meets all local regulations is crucial. Not only does this keep your tenants safe, but it also protects you from legal issues and enhances the property's value.

Clean the Home Before Showing the Property

First impressions matter. A clean and well-maintained home is more appealing and can command a higher rent. It also sets a standard for tenants to maintain the property during their lease.

Fix Broken Appliances

Functional and modern appliances are an important selling point for renters. Promptly fixing any broken appliances or investing in new ones can significantly increase the rental appeal of your property.

Short or Long-Term Renting?

Deciding between short-term and long-term renting depends on your goals. Short-term rentals offer certain positives, however, it’s important to be aware of both positives and negatives of both short term and long term renting.

Short-Term Renting


  • Possible higher income: Short-term rentals can command higher nightly rates compared to monthly rents, especially during peak tourist seasons or around special events.
  • Flexibility: Owners can use the property for personal vacations or adjust pricing and availability in response to market demand.


  • Extra management: Short-term rentals require more active management, including frequent cleaning, restocking supplies, and managing bookings.
  • Regulation issues: Some Florida cities have strict restrictions on short-term rentals.

Long-Term Renting

Long-term rentals are typically leases of six months to a year or more. They appeal to residents who seek stability, such as families, professionals, or retirees.


  • Steady income: Long-term rentals provide consistent monthly income, making financial planning easier for property owners.
  • Lower turnover costs: With tenants staying longer, there are fewer expenses related to finding new renters and preparing the property between leases.


  • Long-term damage: A tenant who stays for a long period may cause more accidental to the property over time, in other words wear and tear.
  • Risk of non-payment: Evicting a long-term tenant can be a more complex process than with a short-term guest.

5 Best Cities to Rent a Property

Now, let's explore the five best cities in Florida to rent a property, each with its unique advantages for renters and property owners.


The presence of colleges and growing tech jobs means a steady demand for rental properties from students and faculty. For property owners, this means you should be able to find tenants pretty easily and the potential for stable rental income.


While you may be thinking about Disney World, Orlando is an ideal market for investors looking to capitalize on the tourism industry. With a mix of families, professionals, and retirees, it can be a great city to rent or even flip your property at some moment in the future.


As one of the largest cities by area in the United States, Jacksonville offers a variety of neighborhoods catering to different lifestyles. It’s also an affordable city compared to the more metropolitan Miami, which makes it attractive for families and individuals looking for more space without the hefty price tag.

With a military presence, you can also find service members and their families to rent to.


We all know Miami is a popular destination. This makes it a great city to not only rent long term but short term. For investors, Miami's global appeal ensures a diverse pool of potential renters and the opportunity for significant rental income.

Fort Lauderdale

The city's economy is currently strong and growing, with a focus on marine, manufacturing, and aviation industries, which brings in a professional crowd. Rental properties here can offer a peaceful retreat with the potential for long-term tenancies.

By following the tips for adding value to your property and choosing the right city, you can make a wise investment that benefits both you and your tenants.

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