4 Places in Los Angeles That Are Perfect for Newlyweds

You and your partner have probably dreamed of shifting your lives to the dreamy Los Angeles (LA) County. Perhaps you’ve been mesmerized by the beautiful mountains, expansive beaches, and vibrant lifestyle. Or you were attracted to the City of Angels due to the ample recreational opportunities, culinary artistry, and abundant work opportunities. 

Now that you’re married, you are seriously considering turning this dream into a reality. You’ve got the money and a job lined up. All you have to do is find the perfect place in LA that’s diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. 

However, shortlisting from over 400 neighborhoods and 88 cities in LA is a daunting task. You’ll have to look through all these places to see if any of them meet your lifestyle expectations. 

Would you like to live by the beach, near the mountains, or have a big-city experience? In this blog, we will list two livable neighborhoods and two cities in LA that you cannot resist. 

#1. The Woodland Hills Neighborhood 

Located in North LA in the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills offers a high-end urban lifestyle that’ll be perfect for a newlywed couple. According to The Q Topanga, this neighborhood is the epitome of sophisticated luxury and elegance. This neighborhood has a population of 48,324.

It’s famous for providing residents with an entertaining experience due to the vibrant nightlife and culture. Moreover, the lush green surroundings will surely feed your desire to go hiking or on a bike ride with your partner. 

The best part is that you can find numerous luxury apartments in Woodland Hills. These will be upscale and resort-inspired homes with many amenities. For example, you can have complimentary valet parking, on-site management, fitness centers, etc. Ideally, the average monthly rent for such apartments can be USD 2,833. 

#2. Pasadena City

Do you want a charming lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city? Then, as newlyweds, you’ll benefit from the family-oriented and low-key atmosphere of Pasadena. 

This city in LA County houses a population of 138,771. Located in the San Gabriel Valley, it’s famous for its coffee shops, restaurants, and friendly residents. On average, you’ll have to pay USD 3,018 to rent an apartment here. 

Pasadena is perfect if you and your partner are looking for a relaxed suburban vibe. You can enjoy good weather throughout the year and beautiful scenery since it’s closer to the coastline and mountains. The city has a thriving job market in healthcare, retail, banking, and more.

During the weekends, you and your spouse can go on a lush outdoor adventure to historical museums and trendy restaurants. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be mesmerized by the number of recreational activities available in the city. For instance, you can go hiking on the Arroyo Seco terrain or visit the botanical gardens. 

#3. The Los Feliz Neighborhood 

With a population of 30,690, Los Feliz is probably the best neighborhood to live in LA. If you and your partner are looking for affordable living costs and a hip vibe, choose this neighborhood. This place manages to balance a cool modern vibe with a professional essence without being extra. 

Since it’s located between Hollywood Hills and Silver Lake, you can enjoy the spectacular mountain views and go on hiking adventures with your spouse. You can even take them on a date to the Griffith Observatory, where you can see the Hollywood sign, watch the sunset, or enjoy birdwatching. Moreover, it’s a diner’s paradise due to the delicious hidden restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Los Feliz is the perfect blend of approachability, tenderness, and diversity. You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life while being laid back and relaxed on the weekends. Ideally, you’ll have to spend USD 2,332 for apartment rent here.

#4. Santa Monica City

Santa Monica is a perfect place for couples wanting to live near the sea. Located along Santa Monica Bay in the southern part of California, this city in LA County offers an exceptional quality of life. You’ll love the vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and thriving community. 

This coastal gem perfectly blends vibrant landscapes with urban charm. On weekends, you can take a leisure stroll on the Santa Monica Pier, bask on the beach, or enjoy the lovely seafood with your spouse. The city also houses numerous theaters, galleries, and performances that showcase diverse artistic expressions. Beautiful palm tree-lined streets, local parks, and farmer’s markets will surely be the highlights of living here. 

Santa Monica is truly a natural paradise for young professionals looking for vibrant city energy that offers convenience and entertainment. It has a population of 89,947 and the current apartment rate is USD 3,940. 

In conclusion, LA isn’t only about beaches, sunny weather, breathtaking hiking trails, and Hollywood stars. It’s actually a lovely place to live, work, and raise a family. All you have to do is find the perfect neighborhood that suits your lifestyle. 

For example, you can live in Pasadena if you’re looking for a relaxing suburban lifestyle. But Woodland Hills would be the best choice if you want luxury. Similarly, Los Feliz is perfect for Gen Z couples due to the neighborhood’s hip vibes. 

Either way, remember to look for convenience in the area, like shopping centers, local stores, pharmacies, etc. Also, check the neighborhood’s atmosphere, amenities, safety, and walkability. 

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