Tips on How Renters Can Improve Their Outdoor Space

For many renters, having an outdoor area is a cherished luxury. It's a place to enjoy nature, entertain friends, and simply relax after a long day. However, making this space feel like your own can sometimes be a challenge, mainly when you are operating within the parameters set by a rental agreement. 

Follow these practical and cost-effective tips to improve your rental's outdoor space and transform it into a cozy, inviting oasis.

#1 Plant Some Colorful Blooms

Decorative touches can go a long way in making your outdoors feel more personal and inviting, and adding a few flowering plants is one way to do so. Consider planting seasonal flowers that will provide an ever-changing display of color throughout the year. If you are limited in space, hanging flower boxes or window planters can bring greenery into those smaller areas.

#2 Sparkle Up with Lights 

Another easy way to glam up your rental's outdoor space is by hanging lights! From warm-colored string lights to bold statement lighting, many stylish and affordable options are available in the market. Just make sure to choose combinations that complement each other for a clean, polished look. If you have no idea what to put up, Blingle in New Brighton can lend you a hand in choosing a lighting style that fits you.

#3 Add Some Soft Seating 

Encourage spending more time outdoors with your guests by putting comfortable seating. Whether it's a small bench, swing chair, or hammock, you can choose something within your style and budget while not compromising comfort. Also, ensure that it is rainproof that can last long even with changing weather. You can decorate further by adding colorful throw pillows or cozy blankets.

#4 Create Shade with an Awning

If your rental's outdoor space lacks shade, an awning can be a great way to create coverage. Not only will this help keep your area cooler and refreshing in the warmer months, but it can also provide some protection from wind and rain. It also has the added benefit of making the area more aesthetically pleasing! Awnings come in various sizes and designs, so there's sure to be something that will fit your outdoor space.

#5 Make a Personal Statement with Decorations 

Adding your personal touch to the outdoor space is vital to making it feel like home. Handpick pieces that suit your taste and are easily removable, leaving no damage. You can opt for wall hangings, old rugs, or artwork. You can also spruce things up by adding a DIY fireplace to warm your outdoor cold night hangouts.

#6 Choose Portable Furniture

Pick out furniture that is lightweight and portable. This allows for flexibility in your layout and makes it easier to move or store pieces when necessary. Consider foldable chairs and tables or a small, mobile fire pit. They can be rearranged to suit different occasions -- whether hosting a large gathering or spending a quiet evening alone. Remember to choose materials that are weather-resistant to ensure longevity.

To Sum it Up

Transforming your rental's outdoor space into a delightful oasis does not have to be a daunting or expensive task. With a bit of creativity, you can explore all your options to have a space that encourages relaxation and enjoyment! 

After your outdoor makeover, you can then spend some time on it to see how it feels. You can always add some personal touches when you feel like something is still missing. Remember, this space is an extension of your home – it should reflect your style and be where you feel comfortable.

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