The Nanny Cam, Protection Going Beyond the Baby

A headline containing the wording nanny cam today is generally paired with wording such as beating, shaking, or caught. These negative news stories give validation to parents who are unable to be at home with their children during work hours and choose to monitor the interactions in the home via a hidden camera. For some parents, a camera is nothing more than an extension of a home alarm system, providing them with peace of mind and an ability to see what is happening to some of their most valued possessions (children). Others, however, are finding new uses for this type of recording device, which may account for the dramatic rise in sales figures.


Many who do not have children and work full time jobs find it necessary to hire cleaners to come in and spruce up their homes or living spaces from time to time. By purchasing a hidden camera, owners are able to monitor not only the thoroughness of cleaning that is done, but also the honesty and integrity of the person or team of people sent to fulfill the job. Some homeowners, while in the hiring phase for a professional cleaner, will even leave money or small jewelry in plain sight and watch with a disguised camera to see what the individual will do.

Latchkey Children

The term latchkey child refers to one who comes home to an empty house after school because parents are still at work. For those parents who are unable to be home when their children transition from school to home, it can be a comfort to use a camera with a live feed to see the child enter the door, lock the door and begin with afternoon tasks. For the child, the knowledge that the camera has guarded the door all day may also add a measure of comfort.

Elder Care

Many baby boomers today are finding themselves with the responsibility to care for ageing parents. Because many in the boomer generation are still required to work a 40 hour week, adaptations must be made to ensure the comfort and safety of the elderly. Small cameras placed throughout the house allow those at work to monitor the activities and safety of those waiting at home. This type of setup offers peace of mind to caregivers and an ability to call someone for help if they see that a need has arisen.


Just as the nanny cam has been useful in finding child caregivers who may have mistreated their charges, it is also a good tool for general security. The nature of this type of camera generally means it is well hidden or disguised as a normal household product. A household thief or visitor with the intent to take something that does not belong to them may do so without knowing they are being watched, even recorded.

Pet Care

Household pets can get into many types of trouble during long work days when they are required to stay inside the house. A two way voice capable camera is a great way to reach out and talk to your pet during the day. Sometimes this limited interaction will keep the pet from tearing apart the sofa or shoe closet.

Security cameras have many useful benefits today, from protecting children to assisting with the Elderly. By purchasing a reliable unit, you may find greater peace of mind in many stressful situations. 

rticle Written by Jen Blair of The Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on Twitter @sprightlyshopr

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