Renting problems that can easily be avoided

Three Common Renting Problems That Can Easily Be Avoided

You’ll no doubt be familiar with tales of renting woe. It’s entirely possible you have one or two yourself. However, there are several issues that are preventable – either by tenant or landlord – just by having a checklist of important potential snags that will protect both sides.

Seek References

Although this may seem like one for landlords only, if you’re renting through an agency, it’s a good idea to ask about previous tenants. Ask questions about how long previous tenants have stayed, and if there are glaringly short periods of occupation, it might be a good idea to ask why – issues can often be on the side of the landlord as much as the tenant. For landlords, make sure that you seek a reference from a current employer, and follow up on it – a quick Google will find you a switchboard number as opposed to a direct line which could just as easily be a home number, or a friend posing as your potential tenant’s employer.

Take Photographs

When you move into a rented property, don’t rely on inventories and room specifications. Take photographs of white goods and any furniture that is part of your rental agreement as soon as you move in, and preferably before you move any of your own belongings into the property. Don’t forget to photograph things like door handles, taps, and light fittings; it may seem petty, but these are prime areas of dispute upon ending a tenancy.

Treat the Property as your Own

This may seem obvious; a good tenant will always be respectful of somebody else’s home, whether the landlord is present on the premises or not, but natural wear and tear does happen, and if you know you are at fault for minor damage, then it’s only polite to make this good yourself. Notify your landlord immediately, as they may have preferred contractors for running repairs, but making good minor breakages and scuffs should fall within your responsibility as a good tenant.

A little respect and consideration on both sides will lead to a trouble-free tenancy.

Bio: Denton Banks currently works on behalf of Move Revolution estate agents. Denton is passionate about all things to do with property and often documents tips and advice through industry related blogs.

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