The Advantages of Buying Land at an Auction

Most of us often think twice about buying land at an auction. This is due to the misconception that such a public sale of properties is only for cash buyers. Another myth is that land sold at an auction is either repossessed or problem property. Which these concerns may be valid in many cases, there are some incredible deals for those who know how to spot them.

The people who believe such myths don't know what they're thinking and overlook the advantages of purchasing land from auction sales. So, to dispel your misconceptions on buying land property at an auction, here's a list of benefits of auction sales that you need to know.

It Saves You a Lot of Time

One significant advantage of purchasing land at an auction is the speed of the whole buying process. In just a few weeks, you can already complete a land purchase at an auction, unlike purchasing through owners or real estate agents that can take months.

This speed of an auction purchase saves you a lot of time, and it’s also less hassle. If you’re the highest bidder, you get the property. That’s it — no other drawn-out sales process.

Fair Bidding

Every bidder is on equal footing at an auction. So when you attend, you have a fair chance to acquire the land that you’re bidding. You can’t bargain backstage or outside of the bidding. As they say, purchasing land at an auction is one of the most uncomplicated ways to buy a property.

The land will sell depending on the highest bidder’s price for it. Apart from setting a minimum price for the property, the seller can’t control the outcome of the bidding or what the land is worth when the hammer falls. Moreover, a fair market-related price for the land property typically occurs from the auction purchase.

You’re the One Who Sets the Price

As long as you’re good with it, you can bid and bid. Of course, you can also stop and wait for another property offering. You won’t be forced to bid higher if you think that the property is not worth it. If the other bidders stop bidding higher, you can decide to bid less. This open process of bidding can be a boon or bane for both buyers and sellers.

Limited Competition

Sometimes, there’s less turnout at an auction, and this thing can be favorable to land buyers. With limited competition, you can strengthen your position of purchasing land at an auction.

Factors such as poor marketing by the event organizer, poorly chosen location and date, fear of people to bid at auctions, failure to get financing before the event, and bad weather can play a part that will result in less attendance at an auction.

You Can Find Great Deals at Auctions

Yes, you heard it right, there are great deals that you can find at an auction. However, not all auctions are equal. Indeed, purchasing land at such an event is similar to buying something at a flea market. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

Some sellers offer not-so-good properties, while others offer suitable parcels of land that you can acquire for a reasonable price. Many bidders can attest to the fact that one can get great deals from auctions. Of course, you only have to be patient and smart when you bid to come out of the event with something good.


Auctions are not something that should be avoided, especially if you're an experienced land investor. On the contrary, auctions provide a lucrative opportunity for those who are disciplined and conduct their research beforehand. Do your homework and don't let your emotions get the best of you when bidding and you'll be on your way to scoring some profitable land deals.

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