Securing Your Property in Miami: An Essential Guide

FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program states that crime rates in Miami have been on a steady fall since 2015. The COVID induced lockdown has further added to the decline but these statistics do nothing to put the worries of property owners to rest. You can be no longer sure if you can leave valuables unattended for any duration of time. Your properties are susceptible to crimes if security measures are misplaced. Let’s admit one straight fact: no one comes out of a burglary or arson without a steep fall in business or morale. No one likes to be in such a situation at least without the assurance of dependable security guard service. Before looking around for testimonials to zero in on a security guard service in Miami, it would do well to have a personal system in place. This guide aligns you to take robust preliminary steps to safeguard your property.

Insurance and protection of valuables

Identify valuable goods and items and get them insured. Keep such items locked away when not in use. Do an employee orientation to onboard them on various security measures. Invest in a high security safe for any cash, important documents or belongings kept on site.

Utilize Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems will protect personnel and property and in cases of crimes committed act as substantial proof for the justice delivery system. CCTV cameras also act as a deterrent for burglars and vandals. Putting up signs informing people that they are being filmed is another step to fool proof the plan. These systems also allow you to keep an eye on things remotely by simply logging on a mobile device. Documenting activities on a CCTV also aids in spotting any suspicious behaviour. In many cases, it might prevent incidents from happening.

Locks, safes and Vaults

Periodically review your locks and replace them especially if people other than your circle of confidence have access to it. Consider installing smart locks or biometric locks to access advantages such as audit trails and access controls.

Invest in an Alarm System

An alarm system will shorten the time limit within which a criminal operates. Nowadays, alarm systems notify the user immediately on the mobile phones in case of a break in or unwanted activity. Such a system will allow you to respond to the situation and take appropriate measures. Group in other properties of your area to keep a close watch and share advice and information on security matters of the area. Attending a local Florida concealed weapons permit class can be an additional investment into securing yourself and your home.

Identify specific security needs according to your property

Your security needs are subject to the type of business you own. Hospitals and event venues are constantly swarmed by people and need a larger number of security personnel. The plans for responding to any threats in these properties include assigning a color code to indicate the perceived threat and allocation of a specific unit to tackle such a situation. Regular security rounds in unauthorized or vulnerable areas within the premises can check any incident from happening in the first place.


Getting a fireproof cabinet to protect important documents in an unfortunate event of a fire is a prudent first step. Assess fire resistance time and temperatures to match it to the risks in your property before investing in such items.

Having these simple checks and systems in place can give you peace of mind to focus on your work instead. Risk assessment should be the foremost activity that you undertake if you have not yet bought a property. Employing a reliable Miami security guard services like FPI Security Services should be the next. As they say, it only takes one incident to prove the worth of a solid security system in place.

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