Renters: Better to Find a Rental with a Property Management Company

Renting can be a good choice for your lifestyle or where you are at in life at the moment. It is a big deal though, one that should not be taken lightly. Once you sigh that contract you are pretty much stuck for a pre-determined amount of time at that location. That means it’s pretty important to learn the ins and outs of where you will be renting and what to look for. Having a property management company in charge of the apartment or house you want to lease could be a really good thing for you, saving you from months or even years of headaches and possible legal action. It could be the difference between this and a great experience. Let’s see some reasons why:

Property Managers are Always Available

Because it is their job, and they get paid to do it, a property manager’s availability is 24-7.  Everything from meeting you to sign the lease, answering your questions and helping you with any issues you may have. They will answer the phone or call you right back. Their sole purpose is to maintain the property and the people on it. This is not the case with many individual owners, who have their own lives and priorities.  Maybe you need them and they are on vacation or they are routinely out of town. They might work somewhere else and not be able to attend to you when you need it. The property manager, or a representative, will always be there for you though. No waiting. No hassle. No problem.

They Screen Tenants, including your Neighbors

This may seem not so important and a hassle to pass your tenant screening, but you have to think deeper about it. You and just about everything you own, including your family if you have one, will be staying at this spot for a while. You want to feel safe knowing your kids or wife are home alone. You want that peace of mind that your stuff won’t get robbed while you are away, and that their aren’t rowdy unruly neighbors and trash in yards and patios. The property manager does a background check to make sure no one dangerous lives there. This can give you that feeling of security that you may not have if you go through the owners directly.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

This is a big one. Picture this: the sink starts leaking. You call the owner. They don’t call back until the next day. Then they tell you they are out of town and have to call someone else to help them. You have to miss work to meet the plumber, or wait. Even if they are in the area, they may not respond as quickly as you’d like and you have very little recourse unless it gets so severe that you take legal action. If you have a property manager then you can avoid all that. Their job is to take care of you, and the property. Typically if you have a problem, they will send the maintenance personnel over ASAP and your issue will soon be gone. They keep standing relationships with contractors just for situations like this. No one wants to have to deal with a maintenance problem with something vital to their every day life but it happens to all of us. Wouldn’t you like to know your protected because the repair is on standby, waiting for you to need it, rather than hope the owner stays on top of everything?

Paying Rent

If you have a property management company, they usually make it quite easy to pay rent. Often they have an online website or application where you can make your payments. No dealing with anyone at all. Just log in and make the payment. Simple.Worst case there is an office open to drop off a check last minute. They keep excellent records as well. 

The law and What the Owner May Not Know

This is an important point that doesn’t even cross most people’s minds. You have certain rights as a renter and those vary depending on your geographic location. The owner may not know the law by the book, and may infringe on your rights. Whether it be due to not knowing the law or not caring about it, you will be the victim. Now the property manager, they are intimately familiar and will not push any legal boundaries. They will make sure everything runs smooth and both you and the owner get treated fairly. Like a middle man. They make sure no laws are broken and it’s all done by the book. This can give you some peace of mind, not needing to have challenging conversations about legal issues.

Setting the Right Rent

The owner may not study the market and he might not even be in the area. Setting the right rent is something that’s important. You want to pay what you are is fair, not more. The property manager sets the rent in most cases by learning the area and the supply and demand of the property.  They will advise an owner on what the market is worth when he wants to raise it. They help to keep the rent at a reasonable price.

 Showing you the Property

This one is something that can help you as you are looking into the apartment. The owner may not be available when you are free to look at the property, maybe you have work or prior engagements. The owner probably has the same so finding the right time for you both to meet can be a hassle. Part of their job is to show you the property so when ever you are free, they almost always will be as well. This lets you find your new lease much faster, getting to see whether or not the property is right for you. And they will have other listings if this one is not right for you.

There are many things to consider when leasing an apartment or home. Not only do you have to make sure it can accommodate your needs, but you have to make sure its affordable and in the right location. Factor into your decision the potential value of a home that is managed professionally.  It takes a lot of the hassle out of worrying about neighbors, maintenance, paying rent and other general concerns.

About the Author:

Peter Evering
Utopia Business Development
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