Reasons Why The Rock Auger Bit Tip Matters

A rock auger looks a little like a standard drill bit. It has a tip to cut into the rock and an ascending section that moves rock and other debris up and out of the hole while you’re drilling. The ascending section is larger than on a standard drill, ensuring all the waste is moved out of the way. This makes the drilling more effective.

You should note that there are a variety of rock augers available to suit every need, regardless of the size or depth of hole you need.

The tip of the rock auger is arguably the most important part, it’s the piece that connects to the rock and forces its way through. There are four reasons why the rock auger bit tip matters so much:

  1. Performance

Most rock augers will have diamond tips and the main shaft will be made of steel. Of course, there are different grades of steel, you’ll want to check that your chosen rock auger is of high-quality steel.

The tip is diamond as this is a hard enough substance to cut into rock without being worn down itself.  This is important as it ensures the rock auger can keep working and won’t be simply worn out in a few minutes.

Make sure you have a good tip on your rock auger if you want it to continue performing.

  1. Wear Resistance

A high-quality tip won’t be easily worn away. This is an important consideration as the moment the tip starts to wear the auger will be less effective at its job. In short, a worn tip means it’s time to replace the auger. The higher the quality of the tip the better it will last and the more cost-effective it becomes. 

  1. Withstanding Heat

When you’re drilling into rock the friction of the spinning auger and the resistance of the rock combine to create heat. This is why you are recommended to stop periodically and even wet the drilling site.

The performance and longevity of your auger will depend on how resistant it is to heat. The longer it can last the easier it is to keep drilling without damaging your rock auger. If it doesn’t have much resistance to heat the auger is likely to bend or even break as soon as heat builds up, rendering it useless. Equally, excess heat can damage a poor-quality tip very quickly.

  1. Durability

Finally, a good quality rock auger is built to last. That means it uses premium steel to ensure heat resistance and ensure it can be used over and over again.

But, as with everything else on this list, this all starts with the tip. If the tip isn’t made from high-quality material then it will quickly wear, shortening the life of your auger and increasing the costs of your project.

That’s why it is critical you take some time to see what options are available and choose high-quality rock augers that will get the job done.

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