Properties for Sale in Mar Menor Costa Calida: Features of the Purchasing Process

Spain has always been attractive to many tourists from all over the world, and properties for sale in the Mar Menor Costa Calida can be of interest to the most demanding person who wants to buy a home here. The healing mild climate, the sea coast, many attractions, beautiful cities and towns, developed infrastructure - all this is an indispensable component of a modern comfortable life.

Costa Calida is part of the Mediterranean coast in the region of Murcia. Due to its location, Costa Calida has a warmer climate than other coastal areas, with 320 days of sunshine a year. The resort of La Manga del Mar Menor is the most prestigious and attracts special attention from buyers.

Property for sale in the Mar Menor Costa Calida has an impressive list of properties to suit all tastes and budgets, with many attractive properties for the elderly and families with children, as well as for young people who will appreciate the daytime beach relaxation and evening entertainment that can be found everywhere here. Real estate prices in the Mar Menor Costa Calida can range from €1200-2000 per square meter.

How to purchase a property?

Not everyone can quickly make such an important decision and move to Spain with the confidence that buying property is an easy thing. Many are afraid of the potential problems that may arise during the execution of the transaction. There are several rules that should be followed, and then the whole process of acquiring a property in Spain, in particular, in the Mar Menor, will go smoothly.

So what are the required steps? They include the following:

  1. Property for sale in Mar Menor Costa Calida should be carefully researched as it will be extremely disappointing to find something more worthy after making a purchase. In order to inform potential clients in Spain, there are numerous agencies with a long-standing reputation.
  2. To be able to make various payments, you need to open an account in a Spanish bank. Payment for the purchase will be made from this account, and utility bills and taxes will be debited in the future. It should be noted that now a Spanish bank may request documents confirming the sources of your income in order to make sure that they are legal.
    If you do not have the necessary amount of money for the purchase, a Spanish bank can provide you with a mortgage loan. As a rule, you can be offered an amount covering up to 60% of the value of the property at 5-6% per annum for up to 30 years. The entire purchase process will then be supervised by a bank representative.
  3. To carry out any financial transaction in Spain, a foreigner must obtain a foreigner identification number (NIE).
  4. When you choose a property, you will need to book it by signing a preliminary contract indicating the condition of the property, its price, the amount of the deposit, the terms of payment as well as the conditions for terminating the transaction. In most cases, the amount of the deposit is 10% of the value of the property and is taken into account in the final payment.
  5. Payment of the cost of the property, signing the contract of sale. Properties for sale in the Mar Menor Costa Calida, as in any other place in Spain, are strictly controlled in order to prevent various frauds, for example, in the issue of establishing the owner or unpaid debts. The final transaction is made in the presence of a notary, which guarantees its legality.
  6. Registration of the transfer of ownership. Here you need to know about the tax on the transfer of property rights, which is 6-11% of the price of the property.

After the transaction, the buyer takes responsibility for the maintenance of the property and undertakes to make all necessary payments in a timely manner.

Having correctly organized the process of purchasing a home, you will in no way feel discomfort, and the results will exceed all your expectations!

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