Practical Upgrades to Enhance Your Home’s Value

It naturally follows that somebody looking to sell their house should take careful and precise efforts to enhance the value of their property, increasing its appeal to buyers and attracting the best possible price. Given this power of some simple home upgrades to boost the property’s value and increase the likelihood of a quick sale, it is well worth investing a little time and money to prepare it for the market. This is especially the case when considering the ever-increasing housing prices in the Canadian property market, with many buyers anxious to discover a gem - whether they are checking neighborhoods in key cities or browsing through Longueuil real estate listings. With this strong likelihood of finding a buyer and the fact that the increase in value bestowed upon a property by some improvements far outweighs the initial cost of the upgrades, this is a highly advisable step to take. We’ve compiled a list of our key tips for ensuring that your home is equipped and ready for the market, steering you through the process of selling your property to a successful conclusion.

  • Fix your front yard.

First impressions are highly important when it comes to viewing a house, and will often have a lasting effect on the way that a prospective buyer perceives a property. Given that the front yard is (obviously) often the first thing that somebody viewing a property will see, it is well worth ensuring that it is in fine condition – especially considering that this step has a minimal associated cost. Whether it’s by adding or changing the layout of your plants, improving your walkway, or refreshing your lawn, a decent-looking front yard will add curb appeal to your home by lending the impression that the house is well maintained, and suggesting that the interior shall follow in a similar vein.

  • Fix any plumbing issues.

Appraisers take the condition of a house’s plumbing into serious consideration when conducting their assessment, meaning that it is essential for you to change any rusty pipes that you feel might have suffered the effects of age. Whilst plumbing work used to implicate protracted processes and the tearing down walls and floors, modern developments mean that the replacement of pipes can be done quickly and relatively easily. With re-piping now usually done with PEX or plastic tubing that can be fed through the walls like an extension cord, it is well worth taking this step to ascertain your house’s value on the property market.

  • A kitchen upgrade is a must.

Whilst interior design and ambience are important considerations when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, the layout and workspace should take absolute priority. A tight-spaced kitchen area with cluttered kitchen items will disenchant prospective buyers, and designers will always prioritize the principle of a lifestyle of ‘effortless flow’ when considering the layout of your cook area, sink and dishwasher. Pay close attention to whether the amount of space between the dining table and the countertop and/or the sink and the countertop is sufficient, and if not, how you can make efforts to free up some space. Given how much time people spend in their kitchen (and how much they rely upon them), it is well worth investing a small amount of money to ensure that yours has maximum appeal.

  • Remodel your bathroom.

Unless your bathroom needs a complete overhaul, the process of remodeling your bathroom need not be expensive at all. Brightening up a bathroom can be as quick and easy as a fresh lick of paint, although it’s important to avoid using wallpaper due to its tendency to gather moisture and require fresh replacement. If you need to replace old and broken bathroom fixtures, you could be surprised how invigorating a few new items could be for this space. Make your bathroom appear fresh and roomy with clean lighting, and a new mirror. As a place that people find peace in their daily routine, a pleasant bathroom is always a strong part of a buyer’s perspective. Take a few simple steps to ensure its appeal.

Prepping your home for the property market can be stressful experience, but advice is always at hand to support you in this process. are always ready to provide tailored advice and services for your property needs, and will work ceaselessly to provide you with a happy and successful conclusion.

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