Innovative Electrical Ideas for Your Home

Electricity is essential to the modern home, it powers your lights, heating, cooking, and, perhaps most importantly, your internet. The internet is more than just a way to find out information or stay in touch with others. It can now allow you to connect with all the appliances and devices in your home, controlling them remotely.

But, whether you’re building a new home, rewiring, or are part way through a renovation project, you can include these electrical ideas and improve the usefulness and value of your home.

However, before you get stuck in, it’s important to remember that electricity is dangerous. If you’re unsure about what you’re about to do it’s essential that you use a qualified level 2 electrician to do the work. Bad electrics can cause fires in your home.

Photo First

When you’re installing new wiring during a renovation or new build you’ll have the luxury of being able to take a photo of all the existing wiring. This will ensure that you know exactly where your wiring is and where each cable goes. It will make it much easier if you have a fault in the future.

Plan Ahead

It’s easier to put sockets in during the renovation or build stage than it is to add them later. That’s why it’s essential you not only plan your build, you also plan the layout of each room. This will help to ensure you put all the plug sockets and light switches in the right place.

Don’t forget that you’ll want some USB sockets, these are a great way of keeping wires to a minimum while fast charging phones and other equipment.

It’s also important to consider special occasions, such as Christmas when you have additional electrical needs. Positioning sockets now will make it easier in the future.

Do Extra

You never know what the future will hold and that’s why it’s a good idea to overdo your electrics today. Run extra cables to set pints in your home, this will allow you to almost effortlessly connect them to your fuse box and add a socket or switch in the future. You won’t need to damage your beautifully designed home in the process.

Go Smart

Even if you’re not interested in adding smart technology into your home you need to recognize that future owners may appreciate it. That means adding all the necessary cables today, allowing smart technology to be added at any point in the future.

Charging Stations

As well as USB sockets it’s a good idea to have a charging station, this keeps all appliances in one place and avoids an issue with lost cords or tangled cables.

You may also need to consider your bathroom needs in the same way. Modern homes are likely to need a point for electric shavers, blow dryers, straighteners, and even recharging electric toothbrushes.

Consider Hiding Places

It’s possible to get a pocket that fits into your wall and looks like an electrical socket. It’s a great way to hide small things and worth considering when creating your electrical design. It will need to be spaced out in the same way as other sockets to avoid drawing attention.

Consider Your Furniture

Sockets are traditionally put low down on the walls, which means you can’t push furniture against the walls. However, you don’t have to do the electrics this way. Consider positioning sockets to blend into inlets in your walls and where shelves are likely to be fitted. This will ensure the plugs will never get in the way of your home design plans.

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