How to Repair and Maintain Your Roof

Roofing is one of the most expensive things you’ll have to do when building your house. A roof protects you, your properties, and the building itself from harsh weather conditions like rain, scorching heat, wind and so much more.

The importance of the roof is vast and with great power, comes great responsibility. I just couldn’t help it. The roof does so much for us, it is only normal we repay the favor by taking care of it. Well, we’re also doing ourselves a favor as we’ll be saving ourselves a lot of money in the process.

A roof should serve you for a long time before needing outright changing but this is only possible if you can maintain and repair the roof when necessary.

The type of roofing your building has will determine the kind of maintenance and repairs that should be done on it. But generally, they all require almost the same processes. Here are ways to maintain and repair your roof to ensure you get your full money’s worth and enjoy the protection it brings for years.

Clean Clogged Gutters

After some time the roof gutters may become clogged with sand and dirt and make it difficult for all the water to flow down freely. Water may be forced into the side of the roof or may remain in the gutter without flowing down.

When this happens, it slowly begins to weaken the gutters and damage them over time. You can clean the gutters with a brush and water to remove the dirt blocking the pathway.

Carry out Routine Checks     

Taking time out to go over the roof and check the general condition will help you spot any issue and nick it before it causes major damage. These routine checks are important especially before and after the winter where rain and moisture may have damaged some parts of the roof.

This check may be simple, but it can save you a lot in repairs as you’re able to spot any potential hazard in its infancy and repair it before it calls for a bigger, more expensive repair in the future.

Check the roof Shingle and Fix any Loose Ends

The overlapping of the roof shingles ensures water flows over the roof and not into your building. With time, the roof shingles may become loose and open up, leaving room for air and water to pass under.

When this happens, your roof becomes susceptible to being blown away by strong winds. Checking the shingles routinely, especially after a season of extreme weather conditions will show you what needs fixing before it gets completely damaged.

Clean Your Roof 

Not only roof gutters need cleaning. You should also clean the roof routinely as you can have algae, sand, leaves, and moss growing on the roof. This can weaken the roof with time and cause leakages.

You can clean the roof using low pressured water so you don’t weaken the roof shingles. To remove the mold and algae growing on the roof, add chlorine bleach to the water you’ll be using to clean the roof.

Trim Trees Branches over the Roof

A tree hanging over your roof increases the time it takes your roof to dry as the sun is blocked from reaching that part of the roof. A constantly wet roof is an invitation for rust and algae.

Overhanging tree branches will also deposit leaves on your roof which will lead to a dirty rooftop and blockage of free-flowing water which can lead to rot and moss growth with time.

Trim overgrown tree branches hanging over your roof to reduce the leaves dropping on your roof and allow the sun to dry out the roof quickly.

Check around the Chimney

You want to check the chimney for loose bricks that can fall off and cause a dent on the roof and ultimately cause leakage. You also want to check around the flashing and caulking around areas like the chimney and vents that direct water and prevent it from entering the roof and causing damage.

If the flashing looks cracked, you should repair it as soon as possible to prevent water from creeping in through the tiny cracks.


Most of these repairs and maintenance require the help of professionals. You do not want to cause more damage to the roof or even fall off when trying to repair bad patches.

Call in professional roof repairers like ATS Exteriors of Denver to come in with their experience and tools and help you maintain and repair your roof.

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