How to Deal with Moving and Upcoming Winter Holidays with Ease

If the time when you plan your move is just before Christmas and the winter holidays, your life can become a little overwhelmed with all the many things you need to do. Besides all the packing, you need to devote your time to gift shopping, preparing for a Christmas party, visiting your kids’ events, and many more. 

All this can make you go bananas if you don’t strategically plan your move. First and foremost, you need to find a reliable moving company that can take all the moving burden off your shoulders. You can check for the most affordable services that will care for all the necessary things for you. 

A moving company can make a lot, however, there are lots of things you still need to do by yourself. If you don’t know how to survive your moving and winter holidays, we’ll help you out with some tips.

Helpful tips 

Inform everybody about your move in a holiday card 

Surely, you won’t have enough time to let everybody know about where you’re planning to move. Since you can’t miss sending holiday cards, it would be beneficial if you mingle the useful with the pleasant. 

If you also plan to have a Christmas party at your new place, it would be even better. You can write your new address so that everyone knows where you live now and where they should come when the party is about to start. 

Take care of utilities

Unless you don’t plan to move to Dubai, the weather in your new neighborhood will be cold. You don’t want to move into your new place of residence and live even a couple of days in the cold till you figure everything out with utility services. Thus, everything should be up and running.

It would be also a smart idea to take care of the following utilities in advance: 

  • TV services;
  • Internet connection;
  • Alarm system installation.

Don’t forget that pre-Christmas times will be the busiest one. It might take a while till a specialist comes to fix everything up. 

Pack Christmas décor in a separate box 

There will be lots of boxes with all your stuff. If you don’t label moving boxes, you’ll have a hard time finding the most essential décor elements for your new house. When your move is over, it’ll take seconds to find the boxes with all the Christmas décor boxes. 

A house without a Christmas tree would be boring. So, this should be the first thing you take care of in your new place. After that, you can décor your house with ornaments, lights, wreaths, etc. 

Book essential furniture delivery 

There might be some furniture you need to buy for your new place. It might not be connected with Christmas décor but with your household appliances. If there’s something you need to buy, make orders fast. 

It would be beneficial if you order furniture way before the holidays. Prices on everything tend to skyrocket, that’s why you can spend too much on things you could have bought cheaper. Also, plan furniture delivery just about when you move. When you step into a new house, everything you need will already be there. 

Make a list of all the boxes and things you move 

Moving companies have a high season during winter holidays. Specialists might be overwhelmed by the number of clients. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if anything goes wrong. Amidst crazy moving activities, something may get lost. When you find out something is missing, it might take a long time to figure everything out. 

That’s why you need to do thorough research on moving companies and read all the reviews to find the most reliable one. Besides this, it wouldn’t hurt to make a list of each thing you plan to move. When you settle in a new place, you can check your list and make sure there’s everything you need. 

Prepare for the Christmas party 

Some people might think it’s a bad idea to have a Christmas party as soon as you move into a new place of residence. Your house might not be ready for a posh party; however, you can combine a Christmas party with a housewarming one. There’s nothing better than to enjoy holidays with the people you love. 


Your move and upcoming winter holidays can make you go crazy unless you do everything strategically. Many things would depend on the moving company you need. When you can rely on moving experts, you can take care of all the rest. 

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