How Challenging is the State-Required California Real Estate Exam?

If you live in California, or you’ll move there soon, maybe you must find work. You might consider various jobs and careers. Real estate might be an option. Many individuals get into it because it’s steady, it pays well, and it has many fun aspects.

You might get into real estate if you like meeting people and have skills selling things. You must have a pleasant demeanor and natural charisma. Those traits should serve you well if you get into this profession.

To become a realtor in California, though, you must take a real estate exam first. Then, if you pass, you’ll get your license. In this article, we’ll talk about the test you must take and its difficulty level.

The Exam’s Characteristics

California real estate exam prep is always available to you as you start learning what the test requires. You can study on your own, but you should probably attend one of the real estate schools located all around the state.

Find one that doesn’t cost too much. Presumably, you have limited cash you can spend on a school. You should also find one that has an excellent reputation. Look at some of their reviews online before giving them your money.

When you attend one of these schools, you’ll soon find that the exam has 200 multiple-choice questions, and you must get at least 150 of them right. That’s 75%, a passing grade. If you get fewer questions than that correct, you must wait and take the exam again.

You can take this test as many times as you like, but you must pay a fee each time. That gets expensive fast, so passing the first time becomes imperative. You also want that license as fast as possible, so you can start looking for work in the field.

What Questions Can You Expect on the Exam?

On the exam, you will find real estate terminology questions. You must learn the real estate jargon you’ll encounter when working as a realtor.

You will also find questions about certain real estate dealings and their legality. You must know what’s legal and what’s not.

Is the Test Difficult?

When you attend a real estate training school, the teachers can tell you about the test. Many have taken it and have their real estate licenses. They might actively sell homes, but they also teach students on the side to make extra money.

They might tell you the test has several sections that seldom change. The questions might not remain identical year after year, but they have basically the same meaning.

Some individuals struggle when taking the test. They might take it several times before they pass it. Even if you study the material for months or years beforehand, maybe you feel nervous when the big day comes. You might feel pressure when taking the exam and get some questions wrong for that reason.

Most people pass the test within the first couple of times they take it. If you do not pass on the first try, you can always study more and take it again. Don’t feel bad if you don’t pass the first time you take the exam. Just gather yourself, study more intently, and give it another shot. The second time, at least you’ll know the questions you can expect.

What Happens When You Get Your License?

After passing the exam, you can get your license. You should feel happy that day. You’ve accomplished something, and you’ve taken a step toward gainful employment in your chosen field.

With your license in hand, you can set up shop as a realtor. You might start your own company, but you may also work for an established one. Most realtors, even if they want their own company one day, start by working for an existing one.

That’s how you learn the ropes. Some realty companies won’t hire someone with no experience, but if you show tenacity, you should get a job eventually. You can prove yourself by selling homes and learning about the industry. You have the license, but now you need practical, on-the-job experience.

With that experience, confidence should come. You might raise your stock by selling homes that other realtors can’t unload. That’s how you start making some real money.

In time, you might start your own realty company. Imagine your face on billboards or benches along bus routes. It begins when you get your license, though, so study and prepare yourself.

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