Homeownership in Florida 101

Many people visit Florida and are swept away by its lush, tropical appearance. The beaches and the year round warmth make it an appealing place to relocate.

However, many people, especially those moving from colder climates, don't realize that taking care of a home in Florida has its challenges.
Home builders in Tampa usually try to let new buyers know what to expect about owning a home in Florida verses some other other states or regions of the world.

Here are a few aspects of your Florida home's care that you need to consider.


Home builders in Tampa know that a roof takes a lot of stress. Usually, there are rain showers every afternoon in most parts of the state, which can become torrential downpours. Hurricanes can bring rain pouring down in sheets that last for hours or days. A storm's high winds can also tear a roof's shingles off, or even lift it up.

A roof that has inadequate ventilation causes the high humidity of Florida to build up in the roof's rafters which will eventually cause wood to rot and mold to grow. Since it protects your home from the elements, it needs to remain in top shape. Regular inspects of the roof by roofing professionals will help guarantee that the roof is performing its function properly and there are no hidden problems that may cause costly damaged to your home at a later date.


Home builders in Tampa are familiar with those hidden subterranean dwellers that cause extensive damage to a home every home in Florida is at risk for termites. It does not matter if your home is made of concrete block. A termite colony will find the wood that is in your house and quickly work on it.

Prior to the purchase of any home in the Sunshine state, it is recommended that you have an inspector thoroughly inspect the entire home to determine any hidden problems and look for the termite colony's telltale mud tubes that manifest along a home's foundation, walls or other hidden crevices. Termites will seek out your home's wood at any time. You should regularly have a pest inspection performed to make sure that there are no terminates eating your home. Prompt treatment will reduce the damage to your home. You can also opt to undertake preventative measures to help keep the termites away from your home.


Home builders in Tampa will tell you that the high humidity of Florida makes it an ideal place to promote mold growth in a home. Simple things such as installing an attic ventilation fan helps to prevent mold from growing. Flood water and excessive water pooling beside the house all causes mold to grow inside of a home. Condensation in the home will promote mold growth.

The home's air handlers, air conditioners, furnaces, attics and evaporator coils are all prime locations for mold growth. Regular inspection will help catch mold growth early, when the problem can be easily fixed and the mold removed from the home before the family's health become at risk.


Florida is rife with sinkholes. Some areas, such as those with large urban growth, are more at risk than others. Homes near the ocean will suffer more sinkholes than homes inland. As a homeowner, you should frequently watch for sinkhole signs. If your doors or windows fail to close properly it may indicate that there has been a shift in the ground that your home is sitting up.

Cracks in the walls, roof or floors may also indicate that a problem has started. Depressions that have recently formed in your hard, or areas of vegetation that have started to die may indicate that a sinkhole is happening. If there have been changes in your home, that indicate a sinkhole, you should call a professional to inspect.

Living in Florida has its benefits, but as any home builder will tell you, there are some things to consider when owning a home in the area. Staying on your toes and regularly inspecting your home will help catch problems early before they become big and costly.

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