Adjustments in Moving from a House To an Apartment

Sometimes there are situations beyond our control which lead us to change our lifestyle to better meet changes in come and relationship matters. When children are involved there are usually child custody lawyers and other life changes which further confuse a child. Therefore you must take some measurements to make this change in environment as easy as possible.

Here are some tips to do just that!

Downsizing Is Necessary

When moving from an apartment to a house there is a lot of “spring cleaning that needs to be done. This is the optimal time to rid your life of all the things you haven’t used in over a year! That includes the gym equipment that has served as a clothes hanger or dust collector.

Most apartment complexes are equipped with a full gym area for you to use and they are usually open 24 hours. Also, those skis that you received as a gift and never used are not likely going to fit in your small storage room at the new place so make some extra money and sell them on Craigslist. Basically anything that lives in your basement will probably not be applicable for your new apartment.

Organization is Your New Friend

In order to make this transition an easy one, organization will be a key component to making everyone in the household comfortable with the new living style. Take advantage of organizational savvy stores like Ikea and Containerand Things which offer unique furniture build for small spaces and creative containers which can fit almost anywhere. Keeping in mind that apartment living usually comes with less closets and smaller rooms than a house creative organization will be a lifesaver with keeping the space look like home.

New Rules

Another change is that you now have adjoining walls and lots of neighbors. Many families will have to make an extra effort to keep noise levels and activities like gymnastics to a minimum. Children will have to learn that their actions could affect all the surrounding neighbors and if there is someone above your unit you can point out their noises to the children as an example. Setting a quiet time rule for music and television will be essential to help learn this new etiquette.

Safety First

With multiple neighbors, children should also be made aware of new safety precautions. Enforcing the “no talking to strangers” rule is essential here as they will likely encounter more people on a daily basis and in close quarters. Making sure they are aware of their surroundings including new friends that they make within the complex. Another big change is there will no longer be a spare key under the mat and locking the door every time they enter or exit is necessary to keep your new apartment safe. Perhaps leaving a spare key with a family member or friend who lives nearby would be a great way to ensure your children are able to get access while you are at work.

By following these steps you will be on your way to a seamless transition into your new lifestyle.

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