Greenery is Becoming More Important for Buyers and Renters

While the move towards creating green spaces in apartment living has always been desirable, life during lockdown has made it a necessity. Tim McKeough recently told the NY Times that developers are now moving away from penthouse terraces and occasional roof decks and towards community gardens that go from the street to the rooftop. He added that those who started with this trend before the global health crisis are the ones who are now reaping the richest rewards. Whether you own or rent an apartment, or you’re a developer, your property gains enormous value if it features greenery and outdoor spaces.

The Benefits of Greenery and Landscaping 

Having greenery around you is calming, it reduces anxiety and it improves your mood. The overall aesthetics of an apartment block are amplified with manicured gardens and carefully placed greenery. Even an old apartment block is visually revived by colorful flowers that bloom perennially. Greenery has a positive effect on visitors and on the quality of life of the residents.

Planting grass makes the whole area feel much cooler, making for an easier summer. Plus, a lawn provides a more suitable play area for children. Green spaces bring creatures and people together. The bushes, grass, herbs, and plants promote biodiversity, providing a home for insects, butterflies and birds and a magnificent garden with benches or picnic areas brings residents together.

Your Outdoor Space Matters, No Matter How Small

If you are a purist and you enjoy continuity, you can carry the color scheme inside your apartment to the outside area, or you can go for a mix of colors in your choice of outdoor furniture and décor. Comfortable seating and pillows will make you and your visitors want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors

Even if you have a small outdoor space or balcony, you can use pot plants to impart a sense of being in nature. Planting herbs and vegetables is not only attractive, but practical too. If you are unsure about the best plants to grow, speak to someone at your local nursery or at a landscaping company to get advice on how to design your outdoor area.

Making Spaces in Evansville, Indiana Green

In Warrick County, Evansville, the revitalization of three main parks has resulted in an increase in population which has boosted the economy. Parks Board President Daniel Roach says that the intention to improve amenities and the quality of life for the residents has succeeded. Friedman Park which was once coal-mined ground includes an amphitheater, two open pavilions, a playground, large open green spaces, and miles of walking and biking trails. The park is also home to a wide variety of animals including osprey, deer, quail, and bobcats.

In the more commercial area of Main Street, the CenterPoint Energy company is building a square in the form of an oval-shaped green space with art works, shaded areas for people to relax, and paths to enjoy leisurely strolls. The Downtown Farmer’s Market will be held in the park which will become an important recreational area for city dwellers, workers, and visitors. Professional landscapers will maintain the area and ensure it remains a desirable attraction. 

Landscaping is a challenging activity, especially if you are not sure about best practice for the creation of a green space. If you are a developer and you want to create a greener environment for your residents, consult reputable landscapers in Evansville and you can relax knowing that your residents will be happy, and the value of your investment will increase. Many of us do not have time to do the hard work that goes into landscaping, but Evansville landscapers will choose the right plants to suit your design and your budget, and you can be assured of quality work and a beautiful garden.

The Advantages of Investing in Your Outdoor Space

Beautifully maintained outdoor spaces are more attractive to new residents than a concrete edifice without a plant in sight. Recent studies show that residents value amenities such as pools, community gardens, and picnic areas, especially if they’re maintained professionally. Attractive outdoor areas are set to continue to grow in demand as the focus on spending time outdoors intensifies and green spaces become a non-negotiable when looking for a place to call home. 

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