Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Who wouldn't like a clean and virus-safe home? Everyone loves a spotlessly clean and almost sparkling home. Apart from it being aesthetically fulfilling, it also gives a safe and comfortable feeling whenever you are resting at your home. Also, as the clean smell soothes your senses, it seems like a breath of fresh air inside your own home. 

But to achieve a clean and disinfected room, it takes a lot of effort to finally come to that maximum cleanliness. In times like this, a clean home is a safe home. This is the only safe place for today's global health situation. Most stay at home mothers know how to maintain a home's cleanliness and know the drill of how to execute a cleanup. Now, to make sure that you will experience a relaxing, clean space, we are here to guide you on how to execute a clean up properly and disinfection at your home. 

Must-know in cleaning your home. 

Once you are standing in the middle of your home, you will surely go blank on which part of the house to client first. There is the bathroom, the living room, the bedrooms, kitchen, or clean countertops first. It will be quite overwhelming and time-consuming to think and do it all at once. In that sense, here is a guide in cleaning your home. 

Schedule the cleanup day

Cleaning your house may sound like it is easy to do, but if you are on the move, already believe us when we say that a day is not enough to perform everything you want to achieve. In that sense, schedule a date when to clean up to ensure it will not clash with your other schedules. 

Strategize a game plan

It would be best to plot out a map and itinerary on which part is to clean first and last. In this way, it will be easier for you to accomplish everything that you need to finish. For example, start by cleaning the living room by morning, the bedrooms by past noontime and the bathrooms at eve. The reason for that is because if there will be surprise visitors, then your living room is at least ready to accept guests. Buy past noontime; you can clean the bedrooms so that by bedtime, it is already prepared. Now at eve, clean up the bedrooms so after it you will get to clean up yourself. 

Start with the light clutter first.

Before doing the heavy job of deep cleaning in your house or apartment, remove the light trash first for easy cleanup. This way, it will not be too tiring to finish all the mess that will happen in the area that you are cleaning. It is a systematic way of finishing faster as well. 

Buy everything you need

Cleaning and disinfecting don't just need a rug and broom; it requires some things to make sure it is well disinfected at the same time. You may need some set of cleaning and disinfecting tools to ease your job. It may include brooms, brushes, white vinegar and baking soda ( for disinfecting), and other tools you seem handy in your clean up. 

Wash or wipe all sides

The best technique to ensure that everything is cleaned and well disinfected is to follow this rule: left to right up and down. This way, you will ensure that all sides of your home are properly cleaned and disinfected. You must also start-up from the ceilings first, going down to windows and walls, then finally the floors. There is no such thing as vice versa in this pattern. If you start up cleaning the floors first before the ceilings, you will have to repeat everything. 

Organize neatly

In the kitchen, it is essential to organize things to avoid any mishaps during cooking. You may buy some kitchen storage perfect for organization. This will also decrease the chances of getting bugs and cockroaches to roam around in your kitchen. You may also plan this out in different areas of your home. 


Maintaining the cleanliness at home is the key to have minimal time allotted for a cleanup day. If you make it a habit of cleaning before you go, it will be a wonderful experience and achievement as a person. Also, over time you have practiced this habit, you will see the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your humble home. 

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