Benefits of Residential Leasing

There is an exciting new style of renting coming to the fore, especially in the UK, known as Residential Leasing. It is a different way for landlords and rental companies to advertise properties to attract your attention. With so many people who rent now working from home, there is a demand for living spaces which are more dynamic and essentially create fewer headaches for a tenant.

If you’ve never heard of residential leasing before, here is everything you need to know, as it can help make finding your next apartment much easier than expected.

It’s a different way of renting

When you rent an apartment, you typically have to factor in at least two or three different bills on top of your rent each month. It can feel like something of a juggling act when services are prone to fluctuation (for example, heating and electricity bills in the colder months). So what if you didn’t have to pay all those bills separately, and they were included as part of your rent?

This is the first main benefit of residential living. Property companies are taking the hassle out of every apartment having different services and providers and looking after everything themselves so that you can pay them directly. No more headaches waiting for internet engineers to come over. No more having to book a slot in for a repair company to show up. It’s all already covered.

No more carrying furniture around

If you’re a fan of the classic comedy Friends (scary to think it’s now a classic at my age), you’ll remember the episode where Ross is trying to move a couch up a flight of stairs and shouting “PIVOT!”.

Buying furniture, especially if you want it to look the part, is often another hidden cost of moving into a new apartment. Again, opt for residential leasing, and it’s bye-bye to lugging around furniture. It is now very common for this style of an apartment to come fully furnished as standard. That includes not only living room furniture but appliances in the kitchen and even the TV too.

Opt-in and it’s bye-bye to those lost weekends spent rummaging around IKEA for chairs and tables. If you want to see an example of a fully kitted apartment, look at these Canary Wharf flats to rent. They’re built in a part of London which was never greatly residential, but it is now seeing an upsurge as people go for the comfort of this style of living over a lengthy commute every day.

No more lost packages or missed connections

I used to think of concierge service as something reserved for fancy New York living, but it’s now more commonplace in most apartment buildings. If the residential leasing company you’re looking at provides it as standard, and you view it as barely moving the needle in terms of price compared to similar apartments, go for it.

Not only will having a concierge see an end to missed Amazon deliveries (I’d pay anything to avoid those queues at the post office), but it also means you’ll have improved security in your building.

Your apartment will be better taken care of

One last tip, especially for anyone who can’t stand landlords and agents who drag their heels to get anything done. In this style of serviced living, the company offering the apartments will want to ensure they’re always kept to a high standard. That means in the event anything goes wrong, they’re going to want it fixed immediately.

Make sure when looking for this style of an apartment that you can always find companies which emphasise the services provided, and how you’d be taken care of, as opposed to listing off the flashy odds & ends to entice you in. Now get to finding a fully-kitted apartment which suits you.

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