5 Steps for Effective and Secure Furniture Storage in Shipping Containers

Having a house isn’t easy. It requires an investment to create a home that our families need. With such investments and high costs, people are looking to make each square meter count by making sure that each one is used effectively and efficiently. However, using one of your rooms just for storage isn’t a good way to do that.

But, one way that has gained some attention in terms of making our living spaces smart and compact is the use of shipping containers for storage. Shipping containers may be an out of the box solution to this problem, but it’s very good at solving it.

Here are the steps you need to take to make effective storage units of shipping containers.

Prepare for storage

They are called shipping containers for a reason. They are designed for transporting items all across the world, not for long-term storage. So, before taking all of your things from your in-house storage room, make sure that the shipping container is ready to keep your things.

To do this, you can’t just use them the way that they are. You need to set it up for storage by applying modifications such as added insulation, security measures, and weather protection.

It's necessary to make sure that everything you’re going to store in the container will still be in good shape by the time you open it up again. Trust us; you won’t like it when you open the storage unit only to see the color in your furniture all messed up.

Protection from temperature fluctuations

Shipping containers are surrounded by metal, and while they are very secure from the weather, those inside them aren’t immune to temperature fluctuations. Most of the time, when people find that the things they stored are damaged, it’s because there wasn't enough insulation inside the container.

You need to modify the shipping container with proper insulation, especially if you live in a place with hot weather because it will be even hotter inside the storage unit. Too much heat can damage your furniture and change its color over time, and it can damage your electronics if you decide to store them there.

Furthermore, temperature fluctuations can also cause sweat or moisture to form inside your container and can reach your stuff. If it does, your furniture and your other things may suffer from discoloration and corrosion.

To avoid the harsh effect of temperature fluctuation on your furniture, make sure to make insulation modifications such as ply-lining, insulation batts, and cellulose insulation. You can also build a roof over your shipping container so it won’t be directly exposed to sunlight.

Secure your valuables

Because they are used to ship all kinds of merchandise throughout the world, shipping containers are often associated with high-value things, and this makes them eye-catching. While they are secure, that doesn’t mean that it can protect you from burglaries and break-ins. Yes, they are tough to open by force, but it’s doable if the perpetrators are resourceful enough.

If you’re going to use a shipping container as storage, you need to make sure that it’s secure enough to protect all you’re trying to keep. You can try adding a heavy-duty padlock and then protecting the padlock with a lockbox to double your security.

Adding an alarm system, inner bolts, and crossbar locks can also be an option, but only if you need it as they are often not necessary. But, if you’re storing high-value items, then you should really consider them for the best protection.

Focus on the setup

The way you can take advantage of your shipping container storage depends a lot on the setup, so make sure to set it up in the best way depending on how you plan to use it, the things you will put in it, and the environment around it. Here are some of the few things you need to keep in mind when setting up your new shipping container storage unit:

  • For home storage - It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use it for permanent storage or temporarily for a construction project, cleanup, or any other purpose; it’s good to have a shipping container unit at home. It will give you more room to move around your home and do the things you need to do.

To prepare for the unit, make sure to declutter around your yard and look at all the places you can place it in the best spot for your convenience.

  • For commercial storage - Shipping container storage is very useful for businesses, as it can provide a spacious and secure storage option. Since they often handle merchandise, they can’t afford to place it in unsafe storage.

To ensure this, you can add more security features and better weatherproofing to protect the merchandise.

  • Delivery truck access - Shipping containers are naturally big and it takes some effort to set them up. To make it easy for yourself and on the delivery team, make sure that there’s delivery truck access so you can set up and begin storage as soon as possible.

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