Avoid the Hidden Costs Using A NJ Local Moving Company

Moving is stressful. No matter how many times you do it, no matter how little or how much stuff you have to move, no matter if you are moving with a family or by yourself. Moving is stressful. What makes it more stressful is discovering that the quote you carefully arranged, reviewed and accepted doesn’t include some basic essentials, and that these are all going to be extras for you to pay for.

Whether you are moving around town, around state or across country you need to find a local moving company that takes the stress out of moving day, not is the cause of more stress.

Moving Boxes

Some of the questions to ask when you’re talking to your local Montclair movers is if they provide moving boxes. Although these will often be included in the price for an international move, it may be a cost cutting exercise to charge extra for moving boxes if you are only going a short distance. This may seem like a small thing to many people, and financially it may only be an extra $50 on the quote, however the additional stress of realizing that you need to source your own boxes, and then actually finding the time to go and collect some is simply not worth it.

Good moving companies will offer you free moving boxes. However, this isn’t actually just a way to keep the customer happy, this ensures that they know the quality of the boxes so are unlikely to have any collapse while being transported. It also means that the moving company has nice, neat, standardized sized boxes going into the truck. This makes their job easier both as far as trying to stack all your worldly possessions into the space, but they also are able to use boxes that are just the right size for their standard moving equipment. Being able to provide boxes of different sizes, and provide an abundance of them, means that the people physically moving the boxes are less likely to encounter a box that has been overloaded. People tend to stick to the recommended weight limits and content suggestions when they have amble space to do so.

Of course, a great moving company will also offer to take those boxes away for you once you have unpacked, not only saving you the time, effort and energy of having to break them down and put them out to recycling, but also allowing the moving company to use the boxes again as needed.

So although it may seem like a very small thing to have moving boxes provided at no cost, if you look at it, a company that does offer you an appropriate number of boxes is less likely to have staff constantly off for injuries, is probably going to get the job done significantly faster, and will likely have less breakages than other companies. So many hidden costs that can pop up without anyone even noticing.


If you are moving a fair distance you have probably thought about the expense of storing your possessions, but what about just a local move? Often people will be moving out of one location before the next location is actually ready for them to move into, and while you may have sorted temporary accommodation for yourself, your pets and your family, the sudden realization that you also have a house lot of furniture to store can send the blood pressure to the roof.

The majority of moving firms will have at least limited storage facilities. Particularly those that do have a lot of business moving people across state lines, as often the timing means that the moving company will need to hold on to the furniture at one end of the move or the other.

If you are able to stick with a moving firm that can provide storage then you are only looking at having to deal with one set of paperwork, and the insurance will be easier to sort out. If you need to use a separate firm to store your furniture then you likely need to pay extra for a period of time, pay extra for the moving company to move from your location to the storage facility, and then pay for the moving company to pick up from the storage facility and deliver to your new premises.

Some companies make the whole moving experience so stress-free you could almost make moving your new holiday. Use those companies.

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