Air Filters: Here's What You Need To Know

An air filter is a device that cleans the air and filters out small particles. It is a screen that fits an air conditioner and furnace system. Commonly found in homes, buildings, and areas of air pollution. Home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers have air filters. 

What Is An Air Filter?

Air filters contain absorbent that removes odor and pollutants. It comes in different shapes and sizes. One of the available and easy-to-install sizes is a 14x14x1 air filter which you would probably spot when visiting a home supply store. 

An air filter's function is to clean the air that circulates so it is healthier to breathe. It blocks and traps many types of particulates that can affect your health, including:

  • Dust
  • Dirt and rust
  • Pollen
  • Fibers
  • Fuzz and lint
  • Molds
  • Hair
  • Grit particles
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms

Different Types Of Air Filters

If you are considering buying air filters, here are the most common types of air filters that you should know about: 

Spun Glass or Fiberglass Air Filters

This filter consists of glass strands reinforced together by a metal grate. It filters out dust, fibers on carpets, and pollens. One of the most common air filter types because it is affordable. 

Pleated Filters

Made up of either polyester or cotton. Pleated filters are more expensive than fiberglass air filters. Very effective in filtering smaller pollutants like pollen, dander, and mold spores. 

Washable Air Filters

If you want to save money in the long run, you should invest in washable air filters. These air filters are more environmentally friendly and can work on dust and similar contaminants.

How Do Air Filters Work?

The air filter works through a process by drawing unclean air to pass through the filter screen. This process catches the particulates and contaminants. An air filter works as a barrier. It serves as a defense to protect the furnace and air conditioner components from contaminants. 

Why Do You Need Filters?

It is necessary to breathe a good quality of air. Air filters help your health and comfort. If you are suffering from health conditions like asthma and allergies, air filters are necessary. This will protect you, your kids, and your pets. 

This device will make the air you breathe cleaner and safe. Air filter promotes wellness. It also protects your air conditioner and furnace from dirt. Using air filters decreases the risks of infectious diseases like influenza, colds, and tuberculosis. 

Maintenance Of Air Filters

Most of our devices at home wear out after several years of usage. For this reason, you must keep your filters clean and maintained. Here are things you should know about maintaining your air filters at the greatest level.

  • You should check your air filters once a month.
  • Dirty and clogged air filters usually result in air conditioner and furnace malfunctions
  • Dirty air filters can not effectively help remove contaminants and particulates 
  • Dirty and damaged air filters will result in higher energy consumption driving up higher monthly energy bills 

Change the faulty and damaged air filter to a new one. If the cost and inconvenience worry you, better invest in air filters that last long and are economical. 

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