6 Ways in Which You Can Prepare Your Family for the Upcoming Rainy Season

Rain is a blessing since it helps crops to grow, thereby sustaining life on earth. However, excessive rain can lead to flooding, diseases and destruction. With the rainy season coming up soon, it is important for you and your family to prepare yourselves properly so that you don’t experience the challenges mentioned above. According to a fact sheet produced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, June and July are the wettest months with the state averaging nearly 4 inches of precipitation each month. Here are 6 important ways in which you can prepare for the rainy season:

  1. Get your roof inspected

Heavy rains can often lead to leaking roofs which can damage the structural support of your home. As a homeowner, it is advisable for you to get your roof inspected at least twice a year by a qualified roofing contractor. This enables you to identify and repair any cracks or missing shingles that could provide an opportunity for water to seep into your home.

  1. Check your gutters and drainage system

The next step is to ensure that your gutters are in tip-top condition since this also affects the flow of rainwater once the heavy precipitation begins. Clean your gutters properly by clearing any debris that would cause a blockage. You could also replace them if they are not functioning properly.

  1. Properly seal your doors and windows

During storms, rain water can easily seep in through small cracks in your doors or windows. Hence, you should properly inspect the seals to ensure that they are all waterproof. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, be sure to purchase some sandbags and keep them in your home just in case you might need to place them under your doors to prevent floodwater from getting in.

  1. Trim any loose branches

Do you have many trees in your front or backyard? Lightning from thunderstorms can easily break off loose branches, and cause them to fall on your car or other property. In order to be safe, make sure that you inspect any trees near your home and trim the loose branches. If you notice that a certain tree is weak and showing signs of collapsing, contact the local authorities to help you cut it down. This will avoid injuries and the loss of life and property that can result from a tree collapsing.

  1. Get emergency supplies

In the case of flash floods, it is common to experience power outages, hence you should be prepared with a back-up generator, torches, rain coats and umbrellas, among other emergency supplies. You can also get an emergency satellite phone that will help you to contact rescue services in case you ever get stranded in your home.

  1. Be informed on the latest weather updates

Another important way to prepare for the rainy season is to stay updated on the latest updates from your local meteorological department. This helps you to know when they send warnings to residents living in particular areas.

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