4 Amazing Places in Tampa You Have to Visit

Moving into a new city can be tough for anyone, especially for those who’ve never been to the city they’re moving into. Aside from leaving behind the comforts of a place you called home, it can be nerve-wracking to find yourself figuring out what you can do in such unfamiliar territory.

If you’re moving to Tampa, Florida, the process of moving probably won’t be too challenging if you hire one of the better Tampa moving companies to help you. As for settling down in the area, you’re in luck because there’s quite a lot of exciting places to visit for anyone coming into Tampa. There are avenues such as museums and institutions for the curious and passionate for discovery, while those who want to skip straight to the fun can enjoy many of the parks and recreational activities offered in the area.

Whether you’re moving into Tampa or just visiting, here’s a list of some of the best places to check out to make your stay worthwhile.

Museums at Tampa

It’s an easy recommendation for anyone to visit the museums in Tampa, especially because there are different exhibits geared to anyone’s tastes.

People with an eye for aesthetics shouldn’t even think twice about visiting the Tampa Museum of Art. Designed to resemble a jewel box, the building is an eye-catcher from the outside, but it provides plenty to do inside as well. It has everything from art galleries and display rooms to lecture halls. There’s even an art station for the kids while the parents check out ancient sculptures at another one of the exhibits.

The more technically inclined would likely enjoy the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. Boasting numerous contributions in different fields of STEM, this institution focuses on providing engaging and immersive learning experiences to all of its guests. The museum offers interactive exhibits and stations to learn about different concepts in the sciences, catered to people of all ages.

Busch Gardens

Adventurous souls should definitely spend more than a day or two at the Busch Gardens. This attraction in Tampa doubles as a theme park and a zoo, hitting two birds with one stone.

Thrill-seekers will find no shortage of things to do with all the rides offered at the theme park areas. The place has river rapids, a drop tower, and several rollercoasters that range from family-friendly courses to intense tracks with deep drops and huge loops.

Lovers of the wilderness will appreciate the calmer half of the Gardens, featuring a variety of animal enclosures and safari tours. The zoos hold a variety of animal species such as hyenas, kangaroos, penguins, and the big cat families. There are even areas to interact with some of the animals directly, as well as a full-on Serengeti Safari adventure for a taste of the real wilderness.

Tampa Theater

Built before World War II, the Tampa Theater is one of the oldest sites in the Tampa Bay area, but more surprising than that, it actually remains in regular operation until now. For the classic experience, tickets are still purchased at the glass booth at the front, just like in the past.

The interior alone is a sight to behold with its regal designs and structures, almost resembling a castle. Unlike modern-day cinemas, the rows of red seats inside are arranged in a partial semi-circle, allowing most seats to look towards the front at a good angle. When there’s nothing playing, the stage is covered by pull-back curtains, as is done in most theaters before and after performances.

Although this is indeed a theater, it only plays documentaries, foreign films, and independent productions these days rather than mainstream blockbusters, although the theater sometimes holds on-stage entertainment whenever reserved by any performance art troupes. Otherwise, the Tampa Theater is best for anyone looking to lay back to a relaxing viewing experience.

Ybor City

Finally, a great place for leisure, recreation, and just letting loose to end the day is Ybor City. While it isn’t actually a city, it does stand as a center for all sorts of places and activities, such as shops, boutiques, and even a mall with a cinema, among many other things to do.

The area is also lined with various food trucks and exotic restaurants for people looking to try food that they won’t find anywhere else in Florida. And of course, the nightlife truly awaits at the nightclubs, bars, and microbreweries found around Ybor City.

As you can see, there are a whole lot of places and activities to look forward to once you’ve settled in at home. In fact, these are only a few of the best places to check out as the list still goes on as you discover the rest of Tampa Bay. If you’re moving into Tampa, Florida, make sure to explore more of the city around you.


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