What is the Best Frame For Black and White Photos?

One of the reasons why black and white photography is timeless is because the subject is reduced to the basic element. You’re likely to create a bigger impact with interior decoration compared to colored photography. You could be doing research on the best frames to go with your black and white photos. As much as there could be a ton of options worth exploring. The best frame to get is the one that will enhance and accentuate the photograph. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some tips that will come in why when searching for frames. Before you can decide on the frame, there are a couple of things worth considering.

Are You Having it Matted?

A mat can help in enhancing the visual appeal of the frame. In most instances, it will be used for a black and white print. There are shops that will provide the mat together with the frame. If you’re looking at where you start, you can search for custom picture frames that are tailored to your individual needs. You don’t necessarily have to decide between black and white mats because there will be other colors to consider.

Choosing the Right Color Mat

For colored images, you’d want to make sure that a dominant color is being matched so the focus is on the image and not the frame. The mat can always match the image provided it is not the point of focus. Black and white photos can be a little bit tricky as you could be handling different types of shade. For images with black bleeding at the edges, you can opt for a white mat. Since you’ll not be working with any color when it comes to the image, there is the creative liberty of what you can do with the mat.

Style of Photograph

The style of the black and white photograph will also play an important role in the frame that you get. Ideally, you’d want to get a frame the complements the theme of the photograph. There are online tools that make it possible to visualize how the picture will look like depending on the type of frame you get.

Matching Frame With Mat Color

If you’ll be using a colored mat for the photograph, it is crucial that you’re making the decision before choosing the color for the frame. This is because the mat will dominate the biggest area and it is crucial that it complements the image. It is a lot easier to match the frame to the mat and not vice versa. It is not that complicated when dealing with black and white photographs. It can only get challenging when working with a colored accent or when there is a sepia print with the picture.

Matching Them Together

For the picture to stand out, you first have to make sure that the frame has a darker color than the mat. You have more freedom when you’re using grey matting, black, or white colors. To avoid complications, going for a simpler color makes for a more impactful aesthetic look.

Frame Colors That Go With The Photograph

It should be noted that there are different types of photography styles even when you narrow down to the black and white genre. As much as there are different types of frames that will easily fit the photograph, you’ll need to be mindful of the colors. Not every color is going to be suited for the type of frame that you go for. There are no specific rules on the color to go for. As long as it matches the overall décor of the room, you’re allowed to be creative with the colors of the frame.

Why Get a Frame?

You don’t have to get a frame if you’re content with how the black and white photograph looks like. There are other alternatives such as metal prints and mounted canvas that you can look at if you’d want to go frameless with the black and white photographs.

To Sum it Up

There are colors that are standard when it comes to frames for black and white photographs. You can use online tools to your advantage so that you’re previewing the choices before making the purchasing decision. You can also shop around comparing different frames and price points so that you’re getting something that suits your needs. The good thing about buying online is that there will be a variety of different products to choose from.

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