What home renovations need balustrades?

Balustrades have existed for centuries going as far back as the 13th and 7th centuries and have progressively gained popularity in the present world of architecture and masonry.

Apart from the elegance and aesthetic quality they add to the house, balustrades have proven to be a very practical addition to any home, owing to how essential they are to safety. Whether for exposed ledges, staircases, elevated surfaces, or balconies, balustrades should exist to serve as guards.

Balustrades are beautiful and safe. Whether you are building a new house or renovating your precious home, installing a balustrade could make all the difference. Why then, are they important for renovation? These examples should help you answer this question.

Open staircases

If you have considered modernizing your home, one thing that has probably crossed your mind is the staircase. Walls enclose most staircases found in older homes on both sides. Although these staircases are not elegant, they have one quality; they are safe. You have made the stairs an open, precarious place by taking down those walls. Installing a balustrade could give the staircase that modern look you want for your home while retaining the safety the wall once provided.

Decks and porches

Decks and porches add a certain value to the home. A deck for the back of your house or the porch for the front of your house are probably the best renovation decisions you’ll ever make. They are classy, comfortable, and come with a certain elegance. However, because of how elevated these structures could be, there is a certain chance of serious accidents. Because of the “beast” attached to the “beauty,” balustrades have become an essential addition.


Whether you intend to build a new balcony or to renovate an existing one, a balcony is always a fantastic improvement to any home. It shades the lower level and could be a very comfortable place to relax and take the edge off. Regardless, an exposed balcony could be a very risky place for you and your loved ones. Considering that it is usually on the second story and many millimeters above the ground, a balcony without a sturdy balustrade could result in serious accidents.

Swimming pool

Whether at the top of the staircase or around a child’s cot, traditional childproofing has always involved the installation of railings. Seeing that balustrades are also a kind of railing, surrounding the pool with a gated balustrade will go a long way to protect kids from the potential chaos of swimming pools.

Wrapping up

Balustrades are an essential part of any renovation project. Added to their practicality and aesthetic quality, they also exist in different types. In fact, a thousand and one balustrade designs exist for whatever porch, deck, balcony style you might have in mind, including styles with railings that could serve as tabletops during parties and family get-togethers. These balustrades could also make your porches, decks, or balconies much more comfortable; thanks to them, you can enjoy a wonderful, risk-free life alone or with loved ones.

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