Top Ten Tips to Prevent or Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs create a significant problem for many households. They need moderate temperatures to live and grow, and many places in your home provide the ideal breeding environment. There are several ways to eliminate bed bugs. Contacting a pest control company like A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Honolulu, Hawaii, can be helpful. But first, you must determine whether you have bed bugs in your home. Knowing what bed bugs look like, where they hide, and how they move around can help you prevent them before they infest your home. Here are ten ways in which you can prevent a bed bug infestation in your home:

Covering power outlets

Bed bugs can escape extermination by going through your power outlets. They crawl into the outlets and hide until they feel safe to come out. Bed bugs also move through your walls using electrical outlets and spread to other parts of your house. You must cover your power outlets to prevent these bed bugs from circulating into your home. You can buy plastic power outlet covers to protect the outlet holes.

Store your clothes in vacuum-sealed bags

This is critical, especially when traveling. Bed bugs can get transferred through hotels and public transport. You can put your clothes and accessories in vacuum-sealed bags to prevent this. These bags will cut off the bed bug's access to your clothes and other belongings. The vacuum cleaner can help you suck out the air in the bags. You can even use these bags to store your blankets and sweaters to prevent them from infestation at home.

Vacuum your floors

Vacuuming the floors can help eliminate a bed bug infestation before getting out of control. Bed bugs can hide in your carpets. It is important to clean your carpets thoroughly to eradicate the bugs. Ensure you vacuum all box springs, floors, especially in the corners where the wall and floor meet, and mattresses. Ensure you take out the vacuum bag, put it in a sealed trash bag, and throw it in an outdoor garbage bin. This will stop the bugs from getting back into your house. 

Cover your mattresses

Put your box springs and mattresses in safe covers. But remember, while this will prevent the infestation, it will not clear an existing one. Mattress covers are zippered casings that cover your entire mattress. Ensure these casings are made of high-quality fabric, are resistant to folds and tears, and are durable. The covers should also not have any folds around the zipper so that bed bugs don't find shelter in them.

Use bed bug monitors

Bed bug monitors can prevent bed bugs from spreading in the room and monitor your bed. You can put them under the bed's frame. However, you need to clean the devices regularly and search for the source to identify the infestations and get rid of them.

Check your furniture regularly.

Bed bugs usually hide in your furniture. Check it regularly for signs. Double-check furniture that is vintage, has cracks, or is antique. Ensure you thoroughly inspect any used furniture before buying it.

Check your pets' bedding.

Bed bugs can get attracted to your pet's bed. They can find warm cracks and crevices to feed and lay their eggs in your pet's bedding. Ensure you check your pet's bedding regularly. Don't miss the area around the bed. Wash your pet's bed regularly on the highest heat and dryer settings.

Seal crevices or cracks in your walls

Bed bugs can squeeze through microscopic cracks in your walls. Double-check your entire house for areas that may attract bed bugs and create an infestation. If you find any openings or gaps, seal them with silicone caulk outside and inside your home. 

Declutter your home

Bed bugs love to hide in your clothes and other things lying around in your house. Ensure you declutter your home and remove anything you don't need. Start by removing items that are placed against the walls. You can recycle, donate, or dispose of anything you don't need anymore. Ensure you organize and store your belongings properly so they don't become hiding places for the bugs.

Contact a professional exterminator.

Sometimes an infestation may get out of control. You can turn to a professional pest control company like A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Honolulu to get rid of the bugs in your home. The company has experienced exterminators who will develop a customized plan to eliminate the bed bugs depending on the level of infestation.

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