Tips to improve the safety of your home

Home burglary is sadly one of the most common crimes throughout the country. Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Estado de México, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas are the entities that registered the most reports of house-to-house burglary with and without violence last year, according to figures from the National Public Security System.

In order to take extreme precautions against this crime, follow these recommendations:

  1. Protect the perimeter

If your house has fences, but they are not high enough, it is advisable to add cyclonic mesh with barbed wire so that it is not easy to jump over it. If you have a budget, an electrified screen is best.

It is also recommended that you prune trees that can be climbed and take away your visibility to be alert when you enter or leave your home. Get home improvement coupons at GetYourCouponCodes

  1. Opt for resistant access

Doors, windows and domes made of vulnerable materials should be replaced by stronger ones such as steel or high-density tempered glass.

  1. Attach safety plates

It is not superfluous to put this type of articles in the main entrance, but take care that they do not attract too much attention.

  1. He prefers protections in cancelería

Even if you lose a little of the aesthetics of the facade, if you do not have surveillance in your colony, it is advisable to install protections that combine with the gates of your home.

  1. Maintain your privacy

It prevents you from seeing the interior of your home from the street, for this there is a variety of glasses that block the view from the outside, some are translucent and others more polarized style or mirror effect.

Another option is to use a double curtain, a light fabric that allows light to enter during the day and at night, a thicker one.

  1. Cameras and alarms

A circuit of cameras and an alarm can be the solution not to be the target of robberies. The offer of these articles adapts to all pockets, but it is always advisable to invest in quality so that your security system lasts longer.

  1. Lighting

Illuminated places deter thieves because they pose a greater risk of being caught in flagrante delicto, so street lights and lights around the perimeter of your home have to be in perfect working order.

  1. Neighborhood Cooperation

Neighbourly relations are important to integrate a surveillance network. Know the emergency numbers to call for help from the police in the quadrant and give notice of suspicious situations on your street.

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