Moving to Georgia: How to Choose Which City to Live In

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Georgia, known for its southern hospitality, lush landscapes, and rich history, is a state that captures the hearts of many.

As you consider moving here, it's not just about finding a house but choosing a city that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Whether you're drawn to the bustling city life or prefer a quieter, small-town atmosphere, Georgia's varied cities provide a welcoming blend of tradition and progress, ensuring everyone can find their perfect spot in the Peach State.

From the vibrant life in Atlanta, known for its thriving job market and cultural diversity, to the historic streets of Savannah, where art and history come alive, each city in Georgia offers its unique flavor.

In this guide, we dive into what makes each city special, focusing on factors like cost of living, employment prospects, educational opportunities, and the local community vibe.

Best Cities to Consider Moving in Georgia

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Atlanta, the state's capital, is a hub of activity and opportunities. It's a city where the job market is constantly growing, particularly in sectors like technology, film, and healthcare.

Moving to Atlanta means access to some of the state's best dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences. The cost of living is higher compared to other Georgian cities, but the range of opportunities and amenities often justifies the expense. Neighborhoods in Atlanta vary quite a bit so make sure to do some research before house hunting.

For families, Atlanta offers a variety of educational institutions, from public schools to prestigious universities.


With its historic charm and scenic beauty, Savannah offers a more laid-back lifestyle. It's a city where history is around every corner, from beautiful parks to well-preserved Victorian architecture.

The city has a strong tourism sector, providing numerous job opportunities in hospitality and services. Living in Savannah means enjoying a slower pace of life with a strong sense of community and southern hospitality.

It's also more affordable than Atlanta, making it a great option for budget-conscious movers.


Augusta, famous for its prestigious Masters Golf Tournament, is more than just a haven for sports enthusiasts.

The city offers an appealing balance of traditional southern charm and modern amenities. Housing in Augusta is notably affordable, and the city is gaining traction in various sectors, including healthcare, cyber security, and military, thanks to the nearby Fort Gordon.

Families are drawn to Augusta for its friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and numerous parks and recreational areas.

The city's downtown area is also experiencing a resurgence, with new restaurants, shops, and cultural venues making it a lively spot for residents and visitors alike.


Athens is renowned for its dynamic music scene, eclectic arts community, and diverse cultural events that keep the city lively throughout the year.

Despite its vibrancy, Athens maintains a low cost of living, which is particularly appealing to students, young professionals, and artists.

The city offers a unique mix of small-town feel with the advantages of urban living, featuring an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.


Columbus strikes a perfect balance between urban development and outdoor living.

The city's economy is robust, with significant growth in manufacturing, defense, and technology sectors. Columbus is rich in history, evident in its well-preserved historic districts and informative museums.

The city is also an adventurer's paradise, with the Chattahoochee River providing ample opportunities for kayaking, rafting, and outdoor activities right in the heart of the city.


Located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Milton offers a serene, countryside lifestyle while still being close to the urban conveniences of the metro area.

Known for its high-quality living standards, Milton boasts spacious homes and large properties, ideal for those seeking a quieter, more rural environment.

The cost of living here is on the higher side. Additionally, education is a top priority in Milton, with its public schools consistently ranking among the best in the state.

Career opportunities in Milton mainly revolve around small businesses and local enterprises, but its proximity to Atlanta means that larger corporate opportunities are just a short commute away.

For leisure and entertainment, Milton offers a variety of outdoor activities, including equestrian facilities, golf courses, and beautiful parks, perfect for a peaceful yet active lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

Georgia, known for its stunning natural wonders, vibrant culture, and iconic peaches, offers a diverse range of cities to call home. When deciding where to move in Georgia, it's crucial to consider factors like job opportunities, education quality, lifestyle preferences, and cost of living.

Here are some of the best cities in Georgia:

  • Atlanta: A bustling capital with a thriving job market, diverse cultural experiences, and excellent educational institutions.
  • Savannah: Offers a laid-back lifestyle with historic charm, affordable living, and a strong sense of community.
  • Augusta: A city that combines affordable living with a growing job market, especially in healthcare and technology.
  • Athens: A vibrant college town with a rich music scene, low cost of living, and a unique blend of small-town feel and urban perks.
  • Columbus: A city where urban life meets the great outdoors, with a strong job market in manufacturing, defense, and technology.
  • Milton: Offers a countryside lifestyle near Atlanta, known for its high living standards, spacious properties, and top-notch schools.

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