Let There Be Light

If you own a house that was built between the wars, it is likely to have a separate lounge, dining room and kitchen. Modern houses are likely to have dispensed with all the walls to give the impression of space. They may also be designed in such a way that more light can get into the house. There is no loss of insulation just because there are more windows and less bricks. Indeed, man-made materials such as UPVC provide a far better barrier to the elements than wood can ever do.

Confidence to invest

If you have read about confidence returning to the UK consumer market, then you might think that you are now safe to invest in home improvements. If your home has had no structural alterations since it was built pre-war, you may like to get ideas about how you can open up your home. You can improve the natural light getting in as well as increasing your insulation at the same time.

UPVC patio doors can be installed to link your house to the garden. You may even contemplate a gazebo extension and have the doors installed out into the garden from there. That will transform any house.

Quality above all else

You should ensure you find a good supplier because you want to be certain of three things:

  • Security: If you decide that you want doors that are primarily glass, then ask about security before you make a final decision. Double glazing is obviously preferable.
  • Insulation: Ask about the impact the doors will have upon your overall home insulation.
  • Appearance: Select something that fits in with your home. There will be no colour restrictions; if you want the wood ‘effect’, then that will be no problem.

UPVC is strong and durable. Manufacturers such as patio master will ensure that the doors have modern locks and are steel reinforced. UPVC plays an important part in creating a seal that does not allow draughts to penetrate. Wood deteriorates with time and even if well maintained it simply cannot be as effective.

Energy efficient

You may have been seeing your winter fuel bills rising. One of the reasons has been the annual price rises but it may also be the fact that more heat is escaping out of your house through the gaps between walls and frames. It makes perfect sense to act to reduce this type of energy loss because such improvements will add to the value of your home at the same time as improving its comfort level.

It will be a matter of opinion about how much you can really add to the value of your house. Prospective buyers in the future will be impressed if you have clearly improved the house to be energy efficient, light, airy and comfortable.

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