How to Get the Property that you Want

Whether you’re on the buying end or the selling end of the housing property, it’s a stressful time. In this climate, you can’t just sit back and hope for the best when it comes to property, and especially if it’s the place you’re going to be living in, which for most of us, it is.

Make Friends with your Estate Agent

Treating your estate agents like they don’t have the same agenda as you might leave you feeling like you’re the one in charge, but get them on your side and you’ll reap the benefits. Whether you buy them a coffee or you make an effort to ask them about their personal life, making friends with your estate agents, working with them will make you stand out from the other buyers. If they like you and remember you, they are more likely to find what you want.

Then, use this relationship to your advantage. Why are the sellers moving? How long has it been on the market? If you’ve put enough work in at the beginning, getting this sort of information will be easy.

Plan Your House Viewing

Looking at properties as and when doesn’t really work, because by the time you’ve looked at all the properties, you’ve decided that you like the first one. However, the first property might have been snapped up by then and you’re at a loss.

Instead, put aside a whole day to see a few properties – at a maximum choose six to look at. Pick a weekday, as the agents will have more time for you then.

If you like a property, don’t just visit it once. A savvy buyer knows that a property might look delightful and idyllic during the day, but can turn into a nightmare once the sun goes down. Come back at night, and take a look. A good estate agent, like Wilfords of London, will let you view the property a few times.

Take Photos

Instead of relying on the staged photos of the estate agent, take your own. This will help you remember which properties are which, and which features of the property you like. Of course, always ask permission first.

Clue – Hunting

Once you’re inside the house, try not to feel rude about trying things like the hot-water system. Turn the shower on, and check the pressure. Flush the loo too to see how well it works.

Use everything that you’ve got to seek out anything that might be wrong with the property. You might be able to smell damp, for instance, so ask to see the damp-course guarantee, if there is one.

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