Different Flats for Different People

As a landlord it is very important to know who your target audience are, why they are your target audience and how you can maximise your appeal to them. To start thinking about this, consider the location of your property. Do a bit of research. Start with some online searches of the area and then take a walk around the streets, local communal areas and public spaces. Questions to try and answer include: Who lives there; what jobs do they have; what’s the ethnic split like; how are levels of unemployment; are there many families in the area; what is the average age of residents; how do residents spend their spare time?

Once you have built up a picture of the area, then you can build up a bit of a picture of the different types of people that might chose to move into a rental property located here. For example in a bustling and youthful area the majority of residents might be students and young families, with a few young professionals in the top end apartments. Think about which of these people would be your preferred tenants and why.

Now, have a good look around your property. Walk around any outside space and consider how well maintained the house looks externally. Proceed indoors and think about the size and shape of the rooms, what might go where, how might people actually live in this empty space? Do the answers to these questions match up with your preferred tenants? If not, why? Can you change this or do you need to change your target tenant? This is the time to pick your audience, so take your time and once your decision is made, stick to it firmly for the best results.

Next consider what you can do to hook in your desired clientele. Usually this is modernising key areas like the bathroom and kitchen, decorating to a natural palette, installing new carpets or flooring and maintaining the outside areas to a good standard. If you are considering renting your property furnished then take advantage of the different types of furniture available and think about what will appeal most to your target audience.

A good starting point is to have a look at the different ranges available online. There are many specialist companies who provide furniture specifically to the trade so you can have peace of mind that it is of a quality standard and meets all of the fire requirements and so on. I particularly like Prelet as they have packages designed to appeal to specific tenants from students to execs; visit Prelet’s cheap furniture range online here.

Once you are furnished, you are ready to go. Advertise in an appropriate place ensuring that it is somewhere your preferred tenant will look. Then simply sit back and let the enquiries roll in. Happy renting!

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