How To Find If Your Property Is In A Flood Zone


You can figure out if your property is in a flood zone using a few different tips that are listed below.  There are many people who have moved into flood zones because they. Did not do their research, and you have to be very careful when moving to a foreign country.  You do not know the area like the locals, and you should ask around about what could be done to make your investment as secure as possible.  Remember that you can move to a happy place, that is cheap, and that is not dangerous.

  1. How Do You Find Costa Rican Real Estate?

You can find Costa Rican real estate through an agent who works in the country, and these agents are familiar with how these homes were built, the areas where they sit, and the prices that should be paid.  You must ask an agent about where the flood zones are, and they could even do local research that lets you know what the locals say about each house.  You must be careful when shopping for a house, and it is better to ask an agent to do the research for you.

  1. Check The Flood Records

Records are kept that show where the floods have happened, and you can read news articles that tell when happened when the last flood happened.  You must be certain that you have chosen the places that do not appear in the news, and you have to have a look at the locations that you believe will be safe even during an act of God type situation.

  1. Check The Weather Agency

You could research flooding through the local weather agency, and you might learn about the 100-year flood plains that exist.  You might not realize that these flood plains cover the property you are looking at, and you have to be certain that you have stayed away from these locations because they are simply not safe if you run into the storm of the century.

  1. Check Local Landmarks

There are often local landmarks that show where floodwaters have reached in the past.  There are some spots on the coast that might have stones from old villages that tell you how far away from the beach to build your home, and you will notice that this has been very accurate when the coastal villages have responded to old tsunamis. 

  1. Go Yourself

You could go yourself to do the research, and you have to take a look at what you believe would be best for you.  You will get an idea of how comfortable you are being close to the water, and you might notice that some land is just too low.  Try something that has the higher ground that feels safer.

There are many people who are trying to get a piece of real estate in Costa Rica, and they will be much happier with their purchase if they have used the steps above.  You will spend less money on a good property that is safe for you to live on.

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