7 Sneaky Ways to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Everyone’s most common complaint with apartment living is that they do not have enough space. Most of these people think there is not a lot they can do about their space issues, so they simply grim and bear it.

Even though there might not be ways to actually make the space bigger, everyone can use a few tricks to make their home look bigger than it actually is. These are simple ideas anyone can incorporate into their space. Here are seven sneaky ways to make a small apartment feel bigger.

Start with the ceiling

The ceiling is one aspect of a room that can instantly make the entire space look bigger or smaller. Anyone can find a ways to use the ceiling to add visual space to the room. Some people might want to paint it or remove the spackling, others might want to put a patterned wallpaper up.

Mount the TV

Mounting the TV is a common idea for many homes, but people who live in apartments rarely think about this. Mounting the TV is a trick that not only opens up a lot of floor space, but it also allows people to more readily receive TV offers that can make their service better and less expensive.

Make it brighter

Bright lights are a great way to make any space feel more open. Most people will simply do this by opening up their curtains and replacing them with sheer panels. If there are not a lot of windows available, try brightening up with extra lighting or a lighter color on the walls.

Invest in multi-functional pieces

There are a lot of great options today for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. Anyone can invest in these items to create the comfort they want in their home with also maintaining as much space as possible. Some ideas include ottomans that also work as storage.

Create space with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to trick the eye. Anyone can use mirrors in their home to make the space appear larger. The most common trick is to mount a mirror on the opposite side as a window to reflect light and open the room up.

Get serious about de-cluttering

Clutter is the worst enemy of a small apartment. Everyone should find an easy way to keep clutter to a minimum with little effort each day. The best way to do this is to find a system for organization that makes putting things in their correct space easy and fast.

Hang vertically

Floor space and tabletop space can run out quickly in a tiny apartment. When this happens, try hanging things on the wall vertically to add more space. Try hanging jewelry in the bathroom or pictures in the living room higher up than eye-level. Hanging vertically not only frees up floor space, but it also can make the walls look taller, creating the illusion of a bigger, taller room.

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