Electrical Safety and Power Tools

Power tools are one of the greatest conveniences for getting handyman jobs and professional jobs done quickly, but since power tools often run on electricity, it is essential that safety instructions are followed.

Here are a few quick power tool safety tips.

Tip 1 - Always use the correct power tool for the environment.Power tools that are made for outdoor use have better insulation, heavier wiring and a three way grounded plug.

Tip 2 - Keep your power cord tangle free and away from the tool "action" zone.

Tip 3 - If you get any nicks or cuts in the cord, inspect them immediately. If it severe consider replacing the cord. As a last resort use tape to shield it from the elements for minor nicks.

Tip 4 - Inspect the power cord and all connections regularly for signs of breakage.

Tip 5 - Avoid using electric power tools on wet surfaces as water is a good electrical conductor. In combination with other factors - broken cords, machine malfunctions etc, it can put you at risk of shock.

Tip 6 - Never immerse your power tool in water - seems obvious but has to be said.

Tip 7 - Keep your work area clean - dust can ignite from a spark. Avoid using power tools near flammable liquids or gas.

Tip 8 - Follow any specific instructions from the manufacturer.

Ok, so these are some safety tips, nothing beats a safety consciousness and putting safety as a priority when using power tools. So be safe and enjoy your work.

Graeme Sprigge is the webmaster of Power Tools Info. For more information on power tools and accessories of all types visit Power Tools Info

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