5 Uniquely Whimsical Apartment Interior Ideas

If you’ve recently moved into a new apartment, you’ll probably be looking for ways to liven up the interiors. Unless you’ve bought the place or have a very laid-back landlord, there’s only so much you can change. What do you do if you can’t make too many changes but you’re dreaming of dreamy decor? Get creative! 

Here are 5 uniquely whimsical apartment interior ideas to help you get started.

Sensational Sofas

Think there’s no room for a sofa in a whimsical decor theme? Think again. The key to making a sofa magical is what you do with it. Positioning it at an unusual angle will already add some quirkiness to any living room. It can certainly help when your apartment has some strange dimensions to begin with. 

But you’ll find this a whole lot easier, with modular furniture, like a modular couch system. You’ll have enough seating for all your friends, regardless of your available space. Modular furniture is both easy to clean and easy to move when you want to clean under it.

Add a bit of dreaminess with a soft throw and a throw pillow or two, if you like. Even the most modern sofas can be whimsical when you add the right accessories. All it takes is a little imagination, and your sofa can be as sensational as you desire.

Dreamy Drapes

Long, dreamy drapes are the ideal touch for a whimsical bedroom. Whether you have them hanging at the window or from a four-poster bed, they are the epitome of dreamlike decor. Mix up the textures to keep things interesting, with some wicker bedroom furniture and a crocheted shawl over a chair.

Don’t forget to add a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers. If you don’t want to constantly spend money on fresh blooms or suffer from allergies, there are very realistic-looking silk flowers on the market.

Dreamy drapes are just as suitable for the living room. Velvet floor-length curtains are a great choice for a more dramatic look, but sheer voile is a better choice for letting in light. Even if your apartment has uninspired blinds at the windows, you can still add curtain drops to the side for a softer look. 

Light-Hearted Lighting

Candles (electronic ones are safer) create an air of magical mystery. This is perfect for mood lighting in the bedroom, or the dining area for a romantic dinner. Even if you live alone, dining by candlelight will fill your home with a touch of romance.

Many apartments are fitted with dimmer switches for their overhead lighting. This gives you options for different light conditions. But if all you have are bright spotlights, don’t despair. For brighter lighting without lighting up the entire room, invest in table lamps with interesting shapes and designs. 

Ensure that at least one of these is a vintage stained glass lamp. It doesn’t have to break the bank. You can sometimes pick these up in antique stores or even thrift stores for a good price, especially if they need a bit of TLC. 

Artistic Accents

Whimsical interiors revolve around colors, textures, and prints. You can easily introduce all these with your home's painted surfaces and soft furnishings. This is easily solved with some whimsical artwork (nature scenes are ideal) and a few pastel-colored throw pillows.

Can’t afford to invest in art? That’s what keeps so many people from buying art for their apartments. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive masterpiece. What’s important is that it speaks to you. Art appreciation is highly subjective. 

A fun, inexpensive, and creative way to introduce whimsical art to your apartment, is to frame poster prints. Here’s a budget-friendly idea for you. Collect promotional posters of plays, musicals, and other theater productions after they have finished showing at your local theaters(they throw them out anyway). 

Fairytale Floors

Wood floors, especially when painted or stenciled with mandalas and flowers, or even fairies, are great for a whimsical look. If you’ve bought a condo, this is a fun weekend project to add a whimsical look to your floors. But if you’re renting, you have to accept what’s there. Don’t worry, you can still have fanciful floors.

Whether your floors are wood, tile, or carpet, you can add a whimsical touch with a few area rugs. If your budget is tight, there are some excellent tutorials online for making crocheted or knitted rag rugs. These are fun and easy to make and lend a bit of color to your wood or neutral-colored tiled floors. 

If you can afford them, Persian rugs are always a good investment. They look great on any floor surface and can work with various decor themes. Placing these in the areas that receive the most foot traffic, also keeps your lighter-colored carpets clean

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