5 Common Mistakes Apartment Hunters Make

When you are looking for an apartment for rent, there are many mistakes you can end up making. The last thing you want is to fall into one of these traps, because it could prove to be a nightmare. Everyone has probably lived in one nightmare apartment or another during their lives. If you are in college, these nightmare problems could be even more nightmarish. What constitutes a nightmare living situation? Landlords who are unresponsive, the rent is too high and the apartment is untenable, and a slew of other problems, like bad pipings, mold, cracked paint and broken fixtures – the list is really endless. Here are five common mistakes that apartment hunters make.

  1. One of the biggest mistakes is apartment hunting solo. You always want to bring someone along – a friend, a relative, or someone that is close to you and that you can trust. The reason for this is simple: sometimes we put our blinders on when it comes to an apartment we fall in love with. Perhaps you fall in love with the neighborhood. Maybe it’s a sink that you love, or maybe it is some other detail. However, the person with you can point out that there are more cons than pros – having a second set of eyes is crucial if you don’t want to wind up in a dump.
  2. Another big mistake is making quick, hasty decisions. You don’t want to walk into the first apartment you see and say “I’ll take it!” This can result in a lot of problems down the line and, who knows, you may find a better apartment for less money. So, make sure that you remain realistic and pragmatic when it comes to searching for an apartment. It may be a stressful experience, but if you take it slow and find the apartment of your dreams, it won’t have to be.
  3. Don’t go with those ‘it feels good’ feelings. These feeling are your emotions speaking, not your mind. When you fall in love with a place right when you see it, you will immediately see all the things that are wrong with the apartment as its charm “charm.” However, down the line, that “charm” could start to really get on your nerves. For instance, loud pipes, excessive street noise, unsavory neighbors, or a high crime rate. The house may be wonderful, but you may have to move on to greener pastures.
  4. Make sure that you know everything there is to know about the apartment before you lock yourself into a year long lease. Many people make the mistake of signing the lease before they inquire any further. However, there could be a lot more information that you just don’t know about. So, make sure to ask all the questions first and go over any disagreements before you lock yourself in.
  5. Always take pictures of the apartment right when you move in. Having pictures on hand will be your documentation when it comes to getting your deposit back upon move out. If you don’t have pictures or proof, the landlord could refuse to give your deposit back. This is an unsavory move, but it happens all the time. So, take a few quick snaps and put them away for safe keeping.
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