Moving Quote Types and How To Get Them

The quoted price for your move is calculated based on the weight of you belongings and the distance you need to move them. In the price are also included the packages used and other services that you might require.

The moving company will give you a moving quote that is based on the weight they know about and the items they count so you should help the movers by showing them every single item that needs to be moved. Look in the garage, basement, attic to make sure you'll get an estimate as close as possible to the final price, since every extra item means extra cost.

You should get the moving quotes from at least 3 moving companies so you can compare prices. Here are some types of moving quotes: non-binding, binding and not to exceed quotes.

The non-binding quotes are nor bids or contracts, the non-binding quote is an aproximation of amount you'll have to pay depending on the mover's survey on the items that will be moved, the final cost being set after the weight of the shipment is measured. Even if the price is lower then with binding quotes, with the non-binding moving quotes there is no guarantee that the price won't be over the initial estimate.

If a non-binding moving quote is provided, the mover can't ask you to pay more than 110% of the estimate amount when shipment is delivered. After your shipment is completed you have 30 days to make payments for the additional services that were required or you requested and are over the 110% estimate.

Quite a lot of moving services also provide binding moving quotes. The binding quote means that you'll have to pay the estimated price even if the weight of the shipment is more of less than the estimated one.

The binding estimates cover the services and the goods that were listed when the estimate is given. Adding items or services before the items are loaded let's the mover revise the estimate. Or, if services are required after the shipment is in transit the price for those services can be paid 30 days after shipment delivery.

Make sure you make the arrangements for paying for the move. The charges for the move can usually be paid in cash, by certified check or money order. You should ask the chosen mover what kind of payment they accept. a great directory for moving quotes, moving service companies, full service movers, local movers, long distance movers in states like New York, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and many more ...

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