What Are The Responsibilities of a Tenant?

As a tenant, you have many advantages over homeowners... you don't have to mow the lawn, or paint the house, or repave the driveway. It may seem like you haven't any responsibilities above and beyond getting the rent check in on time... but you do.

Through the landlord-tenant laws, you are required to do several things:

# Keep your apartment or house safe and sanitary.

# Dispose of trash and garbage in a sanitary manner. While your landlord will usually maintain the outside of a rental unit (depending on the lease) you are responsible for the interior. Failing to keep the rented unit clean could result in the loss of your security deposit.

# Keep all appliances that the landlord provides in good working order.

# Keep the electrical and plumbing fixtures clean and use them properly. If any of these fixtures break, it is your responsibility to contact the landlord. Your landlord is responsible for keeping these things in good working order, and unless they've broken because of your carelessness your landlord is typically responsible for making the repairs.

# Not damage the apartment or permit your guests or visitors to do so.

# Not disturb other tenants. You have your right to quiet enjoyment, and so do the other tenants. It is the landlord's responsibility to make sure that the noise/comfort level of the other tenants is appropriate, and in order to do this, he or she will want you to help them out.

# Permit your landlord to enter your apartment if he makes a reasonable request and gives you at least 24 hours notice. Reasonable request would be to inspect the property - not to snoop around through your things every 2 days throughout your tenancy. You have the right to your privacy, and if your landlord continually demands to enter your apartment, you should contact your local tenant's union to see what actions you should take.

# Not allow guests or family members to stay in your apartment beyond a reasonable amount of time without notifying your landlord and having their name added to your lease.

If you are aware of your responsibilities as a tenant, and you follow the rules, you should have a happy, healthy stay. On the other hand, failure to do a combination these things could result in a lost security deposit, being sued in small claims court, or worse... eviction!

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