3 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

3 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Life can be pretty fun and exciting for kids when they are growing up. With each passing year, they get stronger and taller and they get to do more things in life. Sure, there’s school and homework to do, but there’s also a lot of time to hang out with your friends and find fun activities to share. Maybe it’s online gaming, or creating TikTok videos, but there’s something new just around the corner and you’ll never run out of things to fill the day. So much of childhood is about building your experiences, and truly getting to have fun and enjoyment in life.

Another big moment in a lot of kid’s lives is when they get a bedroom of their own. Having their own space, and the freedom to set it up like they want, is really great. It’s a chance for your child to truly express their style and create a special place that suits them perfectly. In a way, it’s like a blank canvas for their burgeoning sense of childhood expression. There’s a great opportunity to offer ideas and suggestions, and have your child discover their own specific style and sense of self. You may even find that your kid is a future designer in the making.

Choose a Great Colour Scheme and Repaint

If you are a kid, there’s something really special about being able to choose the colours in your own personal space. Perhaps it’s because so far in life, you’ve pretty much had to adapt to every existing environment. Now, you can lean into your own dreams and sense of expression, and pick colours that make you happy and delighted.

When you are considering redoing the colour palette for the space, there’s a great rule of thumb to follow. Approximately 60% of the space should be the base colour; this basically applies to the large surfaces like walls and the floor. The next 30% would be your chosen complementary colour, and it might be on the bedspread, carpet or curtains. The last 10% brings some pizazz to the room, and is a highly decorative colour. You might find it on accent pieces, which allows for an easy change to the scheme at some future time.

Pick a Mattress That Will Work for Your Child as They Grow

If your child was previously sharing a room, it’s quite likely that they may have had a bunk bed or an inexpensive mattress in a small, twin bed. Now that they are graduating to their own bedroom, you’ll want to provide a mattress set that will last them over the upcoming years. They’ve gotten bigger now, and need to have the comfort and support needed for a great night’s sleep.

You can save time and money by shopping for a high quality Sleepeezee mattress set online. There will be a great selection of sizes and firmness to choose from.

Focus on Storage Solutions

Kids are notorious for having a lot of stuff, so making sure there is a variety of great storage options in their bedroom is a must. It could be fun to work with your child and help them research the different closet, under bed and storage box options. There are also wonderful free floating shelves and stylish bookcases that could be used to display the things they love.

You could add furniture that has a functional purpose, but also comes with hidden storage space. A storage bench at the end of the bed would provide a place to sit, and it would also be easy to throw things in there when the room needs an instant clean up. If you have a young child, you’ll want to give them storage options that are smaller and easier for them to manage and reach. You can also paint wicker bedroom furniture and make a  queen bed frame to make your kid's bedroom look great!

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